The2004 Tri-State Greenhouse IPM Program

This program is a collaboration among growers and specialists from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. This year’s workshops offer sessions on using biological control to manage mites and diseases and the latest news about emerging IPM issues. These workshops are for greenhouse growers, extension specialists and professional pest managers. Growers of all levels of experience will learn something new.  In addition to the visiting speakers, there will be many of the “old” favorites: Michael Brownbridge, Tom Doubleday, Cheryl Smith and more. “Lectures are minimized, hands-on experiences maximized”

January   6 - Longfellows Greenhouses,  Manchester, ME
January  7  - Univ. of NH, Durham, NH
January  8  - UVM Campus, Burlington, VT

Registration Fee: $45 (includes hand lens, snacks, lunch, IPM guide and more). Make checks out to UVM Entomology Research and send to:

Margaret Skinner, Entomology Research Lab.
661 Spear Street, Burlington, VT 05405-0105

Persons from all 3 states are welcome to attend any of the locations. All registrants will receive notification of their place in the workshop and a map with directions. When sending your check, please provide all your contact info and indicate your location preference. This information and checks should be received by December 22, 2003. Please add $20 for the 2003-2004 New England Greenhouse Floriculture Recommendations.

Enrollment is limited to 30 at each location. To ensure a place, early registration is encouraged. Preregistration required.

This year’s SPECIAL GUESTS:  Don Elliott, Applied Bionomics, BC, Canada;  Wade Elmer, CT Ag. Experiment Station, New Haven, CT


8:00-8:30         Registration & Coffee

8:30-8:45         Welcome

8:45-10:00        Tackling Spider Mites with Biologicals*    How to use predators to eliminate spider mites in   greenhouse crops

10:00-10:30     Coffee Break

10:30-11:45     Microbials & Low-Tox Products for Plant Diseases*   Step-by-step guide to their use.

11:45-12:45     Lunch

12:45-1:45       Name That Disease!*
                        Correct Id of diseases is key for their control. Learn     the symptoms of common diseases in greenhouse crops.

1:45-2:45         Chemical Insecticides and Beneficials; Can They Get Along?*
                        Learn which chemical insecticides can be used successfully with biological control agents

2:45-4:15         Conventional vs Biologically-based Management?
                        Discussion of on-going research to compare costs, benefits and challenges of using these two approaches.
                        What’s Out, What’s In, What’s New, What are Growers Using?    Share the latest on chemical and biorational pesticides.
                        Give Out Door Prizes!
                      *Small-group concurrent hands-on sessions.  Live samples and microscopes will be available.

                       6 Pesticide Credits will be awarded.

For more information contact:

Margaret Skinner, Univ. of VT
Entomology Research Laboratory
661 Spear Street
Burlington, VT  05405-0105
Tel: 802-656-5440
Fax: 802-658-7710

Alan T. Eaton, Univ. of NH
Dept. of Plant Biology,
252 Spaulding Hall
38 College Road
Durham, NH  03824-3544
Tel: 603-862-1734

Colin Stewart, Univ. of ME
Pest Management Office
491 College Avenue
Orono, ME  04473-1295
Tel: 207-581-2967