Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers Association
2005 Farm Show Program, Barre, Vermont
Wednesday January 26, 1:00- 4:00 pm

In the green church, down the hill from Barre Municipal Center
Take exit 7 of I-89, follow route 62 into Barre. Turn right at the lights onto route 302.
Go1/4 mile then turn left just after the shopping plaza. First Presbyterian Church is on the right.

Free and open to the public. Moderator: Vern Grubinger, University of Vermont Extension

1:00  Making the Most of Nitrogen - John Howell, UMass Extension (retired)

Getting the right amount of N to your crops can be a challenge, especially with organic inputs like manures, composts, and cover crops. For nearly 30 years, John Howell has advised growers of all types on soil fertility management. Conventional, organic, wholesale, retail, hot peppers, tobacco, onions…he’s seen it all. He’s also conducted many field and farm trials looking at ways to make better use of nitrogen, such as response to various fertilizers, and the pre-sidedress N test for vegetables. He’ll share his extensive experience with us and answer your questions.

1:45  A Visit to Calvert’s Gift Farm – Jack Gurley

Jack and his wife run a profitable 5-acre organic farm in Maryland that has a CSA and specializes in high-end restaurant. The farm grows many unusual varieties of vegetables and has an intensive cover crop rotation. The couple provides most of the farm labor and does all the marketing. Jack is one of several SARE farmer-educators that have been hired to travel the Northeast describing the elements that make their farms successful, and that’s what he’ll do.

2:30  Scheduling Sweet Corn Plantings– Hank Bissell, Lewis Creek Farm

This past year Hank had a grant from the Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers Association to study whether there was a simple way to predict when to plant sweet corn to assure a steady supply. He compared growing degree-day accumulation since planting to the stage of plant growth to see if the latter could be used to determine when to plant. Hank will provide an overview of approaches to sweet corn scheduling as well as the results of his project.

3:15  Growing Organic Plugs and Cuttings - Brenda Hedges, Greystone Gardens

Brenda and Mike Hedges recently started a commercial greenhouse in Waterbury that produces certified organic plugs and cuttings. They started with a small greenhouse, then built a larger, more automated house and developed their catalog. Brenda will take us through their production system, their crops, and the challenges they had to deal with to meet the organic standards.

For additional information or to request special accommodation please contact:
Vern Grubinger, University of Vermont Extension
(802) 257-7967 ext. 13, or E-mail: