Order Form for Educational Videos

Available from the University of Vermont Center for Sustainable Agriculture

The videos are made possible with funding from Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program

Ordering Information:

Prices per video on DVD are:  $15 mailed within the continental US, $25 to Canada. Other locations please inquire.
Do not send cash; please submit orders with a check or money order payable to 'UVM' in US funds.
For credit card orders by phone please call (802) 656-5459 during regular east coast business hours.
The prices above include shipping & handling.
Please allow a few weeks for delivery.
A discount of 10% off the total price applies for orders of 10 or more items, of any combination, at one time.

To order, please complete the form below and send with payment to:
Center for Sustainable Agriculture
University of Vermont
23 Mansfield Ave.
Burlington, Vermont 05405

Phone:  (802) 656-5459
E-mail:  sustainable.agriculture@uvm.edu

Please send me _____ DVDs as listed below.

I have enclosed a check or money order for $_______ payable to 'UVM'.

Please charge to my credit card (indicate: ___ Mastercard or ___ VISA),  #___________________________________________    expiration date:_________________________

Video Title

Format / Price



 Farmers and their Weed Control Farmers  Machines       DVD @ $15
 Farmers and their Ecological  Sweet Corn Production Practices       DVD @ $15
 Farmers and their Diversified Horticultural Marketing Strategies       DVD @ $15
 Farmers and their Innovative Cover Cropping Techniques       DVD @ $15
 High Tunnels, Low Cost Technology to Extend the Season       DVD @ $15
 Vegetable Farmers and their Sustainable Tillage Practices       DVD @ $15

Total number of videos and total price

Your Name: ________________________________________

Postal Mailing Address: ________________________________________

Daytime Phone: ________________________________________

E-mail: ________________________________________

Please check your primary profession:
___Extension ___Farmer ___Non-Profit Org. ___NRCS ___FSA ___State Agency ___Researcher ___Teacher ___Other ____________________

 Thank you for your order!

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