A Video on Grafting Greenhouse Tomatoes

This 20-minute video features Mike Collins of Old Athens Farm in Westminster, Vermont explaining how and why he grafts greenhouse tomatoes.

Mike has 15 years experience with grafting, and he grafts about two thousand plants a year. In the video he demonstrates both side grafting and top grafting, and he explains how to establish plants with two leaders in order to manage the extra vigor that results from putting a variety like Buffalo onto a rootstock like Maxifort.

This video is not professionally produced but it gets the info across.

To order a copy (available on CD only, will not play in DVD player) send a note with your request, name, and address along with $10 (includes postage) payable to University of Vermont, to:

Vern Grubinger
University of Vermont Extension
11 University Way, Suite 4
Brattleboro VT 05301-3669

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