Farmers and their Innovative Cover Cropping Techniques

A 70-minute educational video featuring 10 farms from 5 northeastern states

Produced by: Vern Grubinger, University of Vermont Extension

With funding from: Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program

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Video Content:

Hank Bissell, Lewis Creek Farm, Starksboro VT
   * Winter cover: hairy vetch and rye
   * Winter cover: hairy vetch and oats
   * Inter-seeding winter rye in fall

Will Stevens, Golden Russett Farm, Shoreham VT
   * Winter cover: wheat
   * Frost seeded red clover
   * Summer-seeded hairy vetch

Cliff Hatch, Upinngill, Gill MA
   * Winter rye for strawberry mulch
   * Delayed berry planting after rye harvest

Eero Ruuttila, Nesenkeag Farm, Litchfield NH
   * Spring cover: field pea and oats
   * Vetch/rye strips between crops
   * Vetch/rye to suppress potato beetles
   * Soil spader for incorporating covers

Lou Johns and Robin Ostfeld, Blue Heron Farm , Lodi NY
   * Permanent sod for wheel tracks
   * Drilled field peas and broadcast oats
   * Mowing hairy vetch and rye

Lou Lego, Elderberry Pond Country Foods, Auburn NY
   * Living mulch between plastic mulch

Lockwood 'Pooh' Sprague, Edgewater Farm, Plainfield NH
   * Summer cover: buckwheat
   * Summer cover: Japanese millet
   * White clover strips between crops

Bob Muth, Muth Farms, Williamstown, NJ
   * Long-term rotation with cover crops
   * Summer cover: Sudex
   * Leaf mulching and cover crops

Eileen Droescher, Ol' Turtle Farm, Easthampton MA
   * Permanent beds and crop rotation
   * Sudex undersown with red clover

Steve Groff, Cedar Meadow Farm, Holtwood, PA
   * Planting no-till cover crops
   * Managing residues for no-till
    * Planting no-till vegetables

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