Farmers and their Ecological Sweet Corn Production Practices

A 42-minute educational video featuring 10 farms in 4 Northeastern states.

Produced by:
Vern Grubinger, University of Vermont
Ruth Hazzard, University of Massachusetts Extension

With funding from:
Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program

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Video Content:

Alex MacLennan, MacLennan Farm, Windsor VT
   * Hairy Vetch Cover Crop

Tom Harlow, Kestrel Farm, Westminster VT
   * Soil Fertility for Organic Sweet Corn

Chris Anderson, Anderson Farms , Wethersfield CT
   * Soil Heat Monitor
   * June (or Pre-Sidedress) Nitrate Test

Jeff Bober, Blossoming Acres Farm, Southwick MA
   * Floating Row Cover

Sandy Williams, Williams Farm, S. Deerfield MA
   * Scouting for European Corn Borer
   * Getting Good Spray Coverage

Gordon Bemis, Hutchins Farm, Concord MA
   * Mechanical cultivation for Weed Control
    * Spraying B.t. for European Corn Borer

Jim Ward, Ward's Berry Farm, Sharon MA
   * Banded Herbicide Application

Chip Hardy, Brookdale Farm, Hollis NH
   * Mapping Fields for P and K Fertilization
    * Pesticide Mixing and Loading Facility

Rich Moses, Moses Farm, Eagle Bridge NY
   * Using a Crop Consultant
   * Trichogramma ostriniae for Corn Borer

Jack and Kristen Manix, Walker Farm , Dummerston VT
    * Zea-Later Oil Applicator for Corn Earworm

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