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Dairy Bar Revival

Little kid reaching for ice cream at dairy bar case
Photograph by Andy Duback


Dairy Bar Revival

A declarative sentence sure to strike joy in the hearts of alumni: UVM ice cream is back. The Davis Center is home to a new incarnation of the fabled UVM Dairy Bar, which operated on campus from 1950 to the mid-1990s.

2017, a deeply green-and-gold supply chain starts with milk from the student-run CREAM herd. St. Albans Cooperative Creamery processes that milk, then Wilcox Ice Cream in Arlington, Vermont, makes eight flavors from original UVM recipes. (Howard Wilcox ’66, “Ice Cream Master” at Wilcox, first honed his skills crafting the sweet stuff as an undergrad.) And that light, sublime taste in the Proctor Maple flavor? Of course, from UVM’s sugarbush/research center at the foot of Mt. Mansfield.

But if something still doesn’t feel quite right as you take that first lick, head down the hall to Chikago Landing, overlooking the Davis Center atrium. There, soda fountain stools, relics of the original Dairy Bar, surround a table.

Take a seat. Maybe spin. Bring it full circle.

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