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Claudia Serwer

A Global Career

Italy to Venezuela and many points in-between, Claudia Serwer ’67 built her career with the U.S. Foreign Service.

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Jason Maulucci

From the Student Government to the State Governor's Staff

Yes, it’s OK to be a young Republican at UVM. Jason Maulucci ’17 went straight from student government president to staffer for Vermont’s governor.

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More Profiles

Living Memorials

Greg Huse ’94 cares for sacred ground as urban forester at Arlington National Cemetery.

A Bond Built on Stage

There was just one choice for set designer on Randa Karambelas’s NYC theater production this fall—the professor who inspired her years ago.

Vermont’s Top Teacher

Connecting with kids drives VT teacher of the year

Lowell Bailey

Past Catamount great, current world champ

Bridging Gown and Town

Alumna/longtime UVM staff member helps build healthy relationships with students and their Burlington neighbors. 

Crowded Skies

Architectural photographer turns his eye to the sky for striking photographic images of airport traffic. 

Making a Name in a Famed Food City

Young grad is making a name for himself in food-rich New Orleans with his Good Bird sandwich shop.  

Young Grad Gains Insider’s View of the U.S. Supreme Court

As a U.S. Supreme Court Fellow, Caryn Devins ’10 has earned a rare chance to gain experience at the highest level of her profession.   

One of Forestry’s Finest

Fighting fires to creating information management systems critical to protecting wild lands, Steve Boutcher ’82 has built a successful career with the U.S. Forest Service. 

Bernie Madoff to sunken evidence, the quest for justice

FBI agent Ted Cacioppi ’91 was arresting officer when the infamous Bernie Madoff's elaborate financial swindle came unraveled.   

Formulas for Cider Success

Doctorate in chemistry informs alum's product innovation as a co-founder/owner of Vermont-based Citizen Cider. 

Entertaining Efficiency

From Brooklyn to San Francisco, young grad has built his career by helping Whole Foods walk the walk as an environmentally sustainable business. 

Fashion for All

Fashion and function blend in alumna's advocacy for clothing tailored to differently-abled youth. 

Nothing But Net

Alumna's organization empowers youth, builds communities through basketball.

Young Alum Turns Class Project into NYC-Based Organization

Young grads' youth organization rooted in UVM entrepreneurial leadership course. 

For the Love of Bernie

Alumna trades television news work for the whirlwind of presidential politics with the Bernie Sanders campaign. 

Tastes great, does good

Jackson Renshaw ’11 offers healthy (and tasty) choices by parking his food truck in Boston's tougher neighborhoods. 

A Whale of a Tale

Penelope Easton ’44 reflects back on post-war years promoting better nutrition among Alaka's native people. 

Answers in the Ice

Ian Joughin ’86 part of scientific team charting the collapse of Antarctica's glaciers. 

He’s Got the Beat

Jeff Salisbury ’91 shares new drum method through top music publisher Hal Leonard.

A Conversation with Gail Sheehy ’58

Catching up with the accomplished author on her fascinating life, career, and the publication of a new memoir, "Daring: My Passages." 

Young Alumni Team Up on Inspiring Film

"Out on a Limb," made by T-Bar Films, a media cooperative founded by alumni and brothers Tyler Wilkinson-Ray ’12 and Elliot Wilkinson-Ray ’11, documents the skiing skill and determination of alumnus Vasu Sojitra ’13.

Project helps students gain global perspective

Microphilanthropy effort provides scholarship support for life-changing study abroad experiences. 

The Invisible Man

A Conversation with David Zweig ’96, author of Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion

A strong voice for nurses’ research

Advocate for nurses' research wisdom

Alumni Start-up Amplifies Artisans’ Reach

Bridging markets for Peruvian artisans

A Continuous Conversation

A shared journey joined at UVM

Utica’s New World Order

Helping Utica, New York's, new Americans

Man of Many Talents

Dolphin cognition expert and science writer make perfect sense as compatible skills. But you wouldn’t expect to throw movie/television/radio voice artist into the mix. Meet Justin Gregg ’98.

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