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National Transportation Workforce Summit The UVM TRC is a sponsor and one of the organizers for this national gathering April 24-26, 2012, Washington DC.


  1. To foster a national dialog on the needs for and development of the transportation workforce in the U.S.
  2. To promote greater visibility for transportation careers in industry, government agencies, and academia.
  3. To build upon and connect transportation workforce initiatives to recruit and retain qualified personnel; to fill current and future shortages in personnel; to define competencies for a high-performing workforce; and to identify and close gaps in transportation workforce training and education.
  4. To identify administrative and legislative actions required at Federal and State levels to institutionalize effective workforce policy and programs that benefit the transportation workforce and the overall transportation sector.
  5. To validate the National Transportation Strategic Framework and adopt a coordinated plan to identify and manage joint actions by private industry, Federal, State and local transportation, education and workforce agencies, and national transportation associations to link transportation workforce needs and development to, education and career pathway activities.

Format: The format of the Summit will include general plenary sessions as well as interactive break-out sessions on specific workforce issues and concerns. Each break-out session will produce a written report on the issues, findings, conclusions, and recommendations resulting from the discussions. These reports will be used as a basis to prepare a strategic action plan as described above.

Expected Outcome: A coordinated joint action plan for securing the future transportation workforce.

Scope: The scope of the effort will be broad, including all of the major modes and all of the educational levels and sources

Past Events

December 2010
The Transportation Education Development Pilot Program (TEDPP) announces its Third Annual Meeting on December 9, 2010 at 9:30am at the NH Department of Transportation in Concord, NH. The meeting will include program and funding updates with break-out groups, professional development and future program and partnership planning.

January 2010
American Association of Community Colleges – Workforce Development Institute
Presentation: “Community Colleges and Transportation: A Partnership for Opportunity” Karen Glitman, TRC Program Manager

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