Second-by-Second Driving Style and Emissions (Signature Project #2)

Second-by-Second Driving Style and Emissions (Signature Project #2)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Lisa Aultman-Hall

Funding Agency: US DOT

Project Summary

In this project, Dr. Aultman-Hall will work with Dr. George Lu of the TRC and Dr. Britt Holmen of the TAQLab to improve our understanding of the interface between traffic simulation models and tailpipe emissions models. Attributes of the traffic simulation modeling approaches that are problematic for emissions modeling will be identified. Second-by-second simulated lead vehicles will be compared to real world data collected in the local area from volunteer drivers. A sensitivity analysis to determine if traffic simulation frameworks affect resultant emissions estimates will be performed.
An integrated modeling of project scenarios for an intersection or small corridor will be performed.

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