University Transportation Center

University Transportation Center

The University Transportation Center (UTC) program of the US DOT was created in 1987 with ten regional Centers.


In 2005, was awarded a $17.M National UTC.  This program which focuses on mobility, sustainability and livability runs through in June 2015.  Funding was used to seed creation of the UVM Transportation Research Center as well as many other UVM endeavors in research, the Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Transportation and Planning, and a growing partnership with the Vermont Agency of Transportation.  Projects funded by the 2005 UTC are listed here: UTC FY12-FY13 project status.  UTC funding also has been invested in workshops, outreach and conferences.

In 2013, UVM was awarded a National UTC in Environmental Sustainability under the leadership of the University of California Davis.  UVM’s role in the national Center will be focused on climate adaptation and resiliency and research projects on technology and travel behavior; environmental impacts of long distance travel; driving style and tailpipe emissions; and non-motorized transportation and land use.

Click here for a current list of UTC Projects

The Vermont UTC Team:

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