Jack Reed

Jack Reed

Graduate Research Assistant

TRCpage_PICTURE The University of Vermont
Transportation Research Center
210 Colchester Ave
Burlington, VT 05405

Phone: (518)-354-0824
Email: Jack.Reed@uvm.edu

Biodiesel is a type of biofuel derived from vegetable oils and animal fats, typically blended with diesel fuel on a volumetric basis.  Biodiesel often contains additives that prevent the fuel’s degradation and improves storage stability.  Without such additives, the composition of the fuel may change over time due to the presence of atmospheric oxygen (i.e., oxidation).  The effect of biodiesel composition on exhaust emissions is important for air quality and human health.  The broad scope of Jack’s research is to investigate the different compounds formed by the oxidation of biodiesel during storage and their effect on exhaust emissions.

Presentation at the UVM Student Research Conference 2016:
“Biodiesel: Fuel Composition, Vehicle Emissions, and Potential Research”

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