Graduate Research 2009-2010

Graduate Research 2009-2010

Research into sustainable transportation combines many disciplines and perspectives. Graduate students in Social Sciences may collect travel survey data, coordinate focus groups, and conduct field studies of human behavior. Engineering students model travel demand, optimize the transportation network system and perform both lab and field
experiments on tailpipe emissions. Economic students may delve into transportation financing issues and students in Community Development and Applied Economics may examine transportation impacts on our communities.All TRC graduate students conduct research that addresses critical issues in transportation and solutions for the 21st century.


Project Title Student (Dept/College)
of Ultrafine Particle Exposures in Alternate Transportation
Microenvironments and an Analysis of Activity Databases for Estimating
the Effects of Social Networks on Transportation-related Greenhouse Gas
Diana Colangelo* (MPA)
Documenting MicroAPA2’s Capabilities for On-board Tailpipe Exhaust Sampling Terrence Barrett* (CEMS-CE)
Framework for Addressing Gender & Socio-Economic Equity in Transportation Systems with Time-use Data Cassandra Gekas* (CDAE)
Integrated Land Use, Transportation, and Environmental Modeling Dale Azaria (RSENR)
Modeling the Short-Run Impacts
of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Charging on Marginal Fuel Costs in
the Electric Power Sector under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Jonathan Dowds* (RSENR)
Modeling Visitor Behavior for Measurement and Management of Experiential Quality in Parks and Protected Areas Nathan Reigner
Reconciling the Climate Change Consideration-Behavior Gap in Transportation Modal Choice David Propen (CDAE)
Residual Shear Strength of Cohesive Soils Kathryn Purchase (CEMS-CE)
Robust Spatial Sampling Strategies for Non-motorized Traffic; Economic Impact of Burlington Bikeway Lance Jennings* (MPA)
Roundabouts Case Studies and Modeling; Second by Second Vehicle Dynamics for Older Drivers Nathan Belz* (CEMS-CE)
The Construction of Knowledge Related to Tailpipe Emissions Jonathan Maddison* (MPA)
Transportation as Recreation: An Indicators
and Standards of Quality Approach to Managing Transportation in
Recreational Settings
Peter Pettengill
Transportation Energy Efficiency Eric Garza* (RSENR)

* TRC Scholar

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