2012 TRC Outstanding Student of the Year

Tyler Feralio, 2012 Outstanding Student of the Year

Tyler Feralio

Photo: Feralio accepts his award, presented by Greg Winfree, Deputy Administrator of RITA.

Tyler Feralio has been named the University Transportation Center 2012 Student of the Year. Tyler Feralio received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2004 and 2005, respectively. His thesis work involved computational
modeling of an internal combustion engine. He then worked at Honda Research and Development as a design engineer in the chassis group. From there he transitioned to designing aftermarket suspensions for all terrain vehicles for a small company in the northeast.

He decided to return to academia in order to shift his focus to more environmentally conscious endeavors. He enrolled at the University of Vermont in August of 2009 in the department of civil and environmental engineering. His current research focus is on quantifying and modeling the differences in particulate emissions from light duty diesel engines fueled by diesel and biodiesel fuels.

Tyler’s UVM advisor commented that his hands-on mechanical skills, organizational abilities, ability to quickly master new concepts, combined with his enthusiasm and
dedication to his research project have resulted in the very significant development of our unique light-duty diesel particulate emissions sampling apparatus in the TAQ Lab that will be a valuable resource to future UVM students studying vehicle emissions and their control.

Dissertation Title: Prediction of Transient Diesel and Biodiesel Particulate Emissions through the use of an Artificial Neural Network

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