Pedestrian Access Management at Modern Roundabouts

Story and photo by Jody Ciano A widespread emergence of modern roundabouts in North America has kindled a controversy about the pedestrian access issue. Almost uninterrupted traffic streams, ambient noises, and urban settings make it difficult for the visually impaired to perceive safe gaps when depending only on auditory cues. … Continue reading

TRC Scholarship and Career Choices

Story and photo by Jody Ciano For the last class of TRC 310: Transportation Systems Seminar, Professor Richard Watts invited three former TRC Scholars as guest speakers to roundtable with current TRC Scholars about how being a TRC Scholar helped them in their career, the diversity of job options available … Continue reading

How well do you know your commute?

Story and photo by Jody Ciano How do transportation practices of driving, bicycling and walking differ in the way they shape an individual’s understanding of their local environments and mobility? That was the guiding research question for Denver Nixon, doctoral candidate at the University of Western Ontario, Department of Geography … Continue reading