Aalto University Summer School – Final Day

Our final post from Finland comes from Phoebe:

Paola and I enjoyed our last 2 days in Finland very much. We heard from Dr. Anthony Perl on tranportation changes and resiliency in North America, Dr. Andy Goetz on air travel, Glen Weisbrod on development economics, Dr. Gina Porter on transportation and wellbeing shifts in Africa related to technology usage, and Antti Vehlviläinen on Finnish regional transportation development. We attended workshops on Thursday afternoon–Paola was in one on rail development and I was in one on public participation and equity. We both ended up presenting our groups’ results to the others at the end of the session.


We had dinner overlooking Helsinki with the rest of our class and speakers to wrap up the course Friday night. This course was a great experience overall, and we have new perspectives to inform our research and share with out colleagues at the TRC. Our last Finnish words of the course are “kuljetus” (transportation) and “kehitys” (development). I hope you enjoy our photos of our certificate ceremony, Angry Birds gum, and the Aalto University campus (complete with geese).


We’re off on our own travels for a few days now, and are looking forward to sharing more of our experience in person when we return. Nähdään pian (see you soon)!



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