Aalto University Summer School – Day 3

Today’s post comes from Paola:

Today has been a very intense day! We had two lectures in the morning and went on a field trip after lunch.


Werner Rothengatter talked about mega projects in transport: causes and failures, and Kristine Beuret talked about public participation in transportation development projects.


The city of Vantaa and the Finnish Agency of Transportation moderated the afternoon visit to the Ring Rail Line and city if Vantaa Development. An extention of this rail line has been built for the past years. In addition, regarding this transit expansion and the expected economic and population growth in the area, several new residential areas have also been built in Vaalta. Pictures of the project are attached.


Following with the mega project lecture, visiting the project development area, and looking at the expected growth, it will be very interesting to see the evolution of such project and the development of the city of Vaalta around the ring rail.


Additional transportation related pictures are from our visit to dowtown historic Helsinki after the site visit (metro entrance near the central station and the inside of the light rail).


I can’t believe it’s already Thursday!!! Time flies when you are really enjoying it!!




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