Spring 2001

Amy Goodman from Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now will speak Friday, February 22 at Campus Center Theater in Billings Student Center at the University of Vermont at 7:00 PM. Her talk is titled, "Independent Media in a Time of War" This event is free and open to the public.

Vieques, Puerto Rico Historian to give talk on Modern Military Colonialism

Fall 2001

Howard Zinn - Is War the Answer?
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Fall 2000

Michael Parenti & Amy Goodman

Independent Media Conference
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Anarchy Road Show

November 6, 2000. Billings C.C. Theatre, UVM.

Discussion by philosophers of Anarchy, Social Ecology, Green Anarchy, Primitivism, and Revolutionary Ecology.

Luis Yat, Mayan Activist

(More to be announced)

Some of Last Year's Speakers

1999-2000 Academic Year

Dyllan Wrynn

Spoke on Thurday, March 16 at 7pm in the North Lounge, Billings Student Center, UVM. He discussed "Pirate Radio".

Karl Jagbandhansingh

Spoke on Tuesday, April 11 at 7pm in the North Lounge, Billings Student Center, UVM. Former UVM student who was involved in Diversity University and related Hunger Strikes.

David McReynolds, Socialist Party Presidential Candidate

Friday, April 28th at 4:00 PM in the Campus Center Theater
David is a long-time peace and social justice activist. He presented analyses and positions that the corporate press chooses not to cover. The issues he discussed included the absurdity of the country's construction of a missile defense system, the socialist movement, and fielded questions from the audience. More information is at http://www.votesocialist.org/.

US Imperialism Debate

Should the US be a World Police Force? - Debate between two UVM faculty members. You can watch it on the web using Real Video (tm).


Will Miller's "Recent Events" - Accounts local events, including ones organized and paid for by SPARC.