Economic Globalization

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Quick Summaries: How Economic Globalization is Undermining Democracy - ads put out by The Turning Point Project.

Background Information - Global Economics Crisis - source for understanding global economics and trade issues and particularly in preparation for ongoing demonstrations about economic justice.

Stop Free Trade Area of the Americas

April 2001 - Quebec City

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Sparc's Quebec Site

IMF - Prague
Czech Republic

September 26, 2000 (S26)

[PRAHA 2000 Image]

SPARC took action with Vermont Action Network (VAN) in solidarity with those protesting the IMF in Prague


SPARC's Local Actions on S26

IMF - DC Rally
Washington, D.C.

April 16, 2000 (A16)

SPARC's actions in Washington DC, on April 16, when the IMF came to town.

What SPARC Did:


Thursday 3-30-00

Saturday 4-01-00


Photos of/by SPARC members at A16

SPARC and the North East Action Network (in coalition with the Vermont Action Network) worked together to arrange a positive and massive campaign in Washington. A lot of people worked very hard on this project. Involvement was key, and networking others was stressed, so that nobody missed out on an event that has the power to affect the future of Economic Imperialism.

A-16 Action Web Site
A16 Schedule - schedule of actions and events in DC.
Indy Media - There thorough and ongoing coverage of A16 and the resulting trials.