September 26, 2000 (S26)

International Day Against Capitalism

[PRAHA 2000 Image]

SPARC and Others March Through Burlington
Supporting Protestors in Prague, Czech Republic

SPARC, the Vermont Action Network (VAN), community members, students from UVM and Johnson State College marched in solidarity with the IMF and WTO protests in Prague, Czech Republic. September 26th also happens to be the fourth International Day Against Capitalism. The protest spoke-out against the injustices and crimes against humanity through capitalism. In particular against economic globalization, and its continuing support of environmental violence and disregard for worker's rights and economic justice.

We met at Billings at 3:30, and headed through Cook Commons Cafeteria in Billings, then headed down Pearl Street. We went all they way down Church Street. Along with protesting, speak-outs and "trespassing" occurred in front of Gap Inc. stores (Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic).

We offered a poster in Microsoft Word Format to those willing to print and distribute it. Here it is in Web Format

For a better description of the events check out the following:

Burlington Free Press Coverage - Not extensive, but shows SPARC member speaking out.

The Native Forest Network Bulletin - Not extensive, but shows SPARC member (one of the web site maintainers) with sign.

Civilian Photos of the Event


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