Dump Sodexho! - The boycott against Sodexho-Marriott Services, incited by their corporate connection with the private prison industry.

Globabilization Watch! - Actions and solidarity movements by SPARC against the IMF, World Bank, WTO et al.

Monsanto's Money at UVM - The movement to disconnect UVM fiscally from Monsanto, or change any policies that support genetically engineered (GE) food.

We have been skeptical of the US Government's Actions in Colombia

Read this article concening: "'Civilian Army' of Americans Helps Fight Colombia's Drug War

the FDA Trying To Feed Us.  Stop Genetically Engineered Foods!]
GE-food Campaign: Rally in Boston 03-26-00

[She's Got Your Eyes Picture]
TV Turn Off Week

Free Vieques from the US Navy

Local contact: The Vermont-Puerto Rico Solidarity Committee
phone: (802) 454-8311 ext. 280

[U'wa Land]
U'wa Crisis!

[U'wa Camp]
The U'wa - Threatened by Occidental Petroleum