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Non-Sponsored Agreements

Non-Sponsored Agreements Related to Research Activities
(no money collaborations)

Researchers often collaborate and share research tools with other scientists or institutions without receiving funding.  For many of these collaborations, a written agreement is beneficial or necessary. These agreements set out expectations, terms, and requirements that protect the interests of the investigators and the participating organizations.

Sponsored Project Administration

Examples of Non-Sponsored Agreements that will be reviewed, negotiated and approved by SPA include:

  • Business Associate Agreement
  • Collaboration Agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreement (CDA)
  • Data Security Plan Agreement
  • Data Transfer and Use Agreement
  • Data Use Agreement (DUA)
  • Equipment Use Agreement
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Proprietary Information Agreement
  • Research Related Agreements
  • Right of Entry Permit
  • Software Use Agreement
  • Teaming Agreement
What to Do and What will Happen
  • Investigators, staff, administrators should submit to SPA at ( all Non-Sponsored Agreement related to research. Include all relevant documentation, emails and any additional instructions needed to process the agreement.
  • Upon receipt, SPA staff will create an InfoEd record for the agreement, using a new proposal type called "Non-Sponsored Agreement." 
  • The agreement will be assigned to an SPA Award Acceptance Specialist for review and completion, similar to a sponsored agreement.
  • For those Non-Sponsored Agreements that appear to engage our principal investigator in an organized project and appear to require a time commitment or other resources of the department, SPA will request the Department Chair or designee approval prior to completing the agreement.
  • The final version of the agreement will be archived and retrievable using InfoEd
Data Sharing Agreement with LCOM (new effective 2/26/18)
  • Data Shaing Agreements initiated by a LCOM researcher will be routed from SPA to the LCOM's Office of the Senior Associate Dean for Research for a LCOM review.
  • The LCOM review is conducted by the LCOM Medicine Technology Services Team who work with the researcher to assure an appropriate data management plan is in place.
  • LCOM Senior Associate Dean for Research will indicate to SPA when the agreement is ready for the final legal review and SPA signature.

Other Offices

Office of Technology Commercialization 

Examples of Agreements that should be directed to UVM Innovations - Office of Technology Commercialization include:

  • Confidentiality Agreements related to licensing or commercial development
  • Material Transfer Agreements - (outgoing and incoming)
  • Co-development Agreements with industrial partners
  • Licensing Agreements for rights to UVM patents an/or copyrights
  • Other Agreements related to Technology Commercialization.

Office of General Counsel 

Examples of Agreements that should be directed to Office of General Counsel include:

  • Agreements with Auxiliaries and Service Centers
  • Non-Procurement Contracts
  • Other Contracts, as needed

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