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06/12/14 Graduate Student Benefits

TO: UVM Principal Investigators
FROM: Dr. John Evans, Interim Vice President for Research
DATE: April 17, 2014
RE: Support of Graduate Assistant Student Health Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Benefit on Grants; Tuition Payments on Grants

I am writing to all University PIs to inform you of an important change to the way health insurance and workers’ compensation benefits are paid for extramurally-supported graduate assistants. Currently those benefit costs are paid by the Graduate College. The information below applies only to predoctoral graduate assistants compensated by a sponsored grant or project for effort performed for the project. Predoctoral fellows or trainees supported on training grants or fellowships are not included.


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10/21/13 NIH Notice Number NOT-OD-14-003 web link NIH NIH Investigators
10/18/13 NIH & NSF Resumption of Operations web link NIH & NSF UVM Faculty/Staff
10/17/13 Federal Shutdown has Ended web link UVM UVM Faculty/Staff
10/10/13 Federal Government Partial Shut Down - Update web link UVM UVM Faculty/Staff
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10/01/13 Government Shutdown web link UVM UVM Investigators
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02/26/13 New SPTP Class on March 13, 2013 web link UVM Administrators
02/05/13 InfoEd Oracle upgrade done - Feb 6, 2013 none UVM UVM Investigators
12/15/12 InfoEd Upgrade Completed web link UVM UVM Investigators
12-05-12 Cost Transfers Involving Sponsored Agreements web link UVM Administrators
10/08/12 Seminar - Write Winning Grant Proposals web link UVM UVM Investigators
09/07/12 SPA Research Administrator Assignment Changes pdf UVM UVM Invesigators
08/23/12 New Financial Conflict of Interest Policy web link UVM UVM Investigators
08/13/12 FY 2012 Annual Reports web link UVM UVM Investigators
06/29/12 New Cost Policy effective July 1, 2012 web link UVM UVM Investigators
06/21/12 Recognition Allocation Reporting web link UVM UVM Investigators
03/02/12 PIVOT Funding and Collaboration Tool web link UVM UVM Investigators
01/25/12 Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Stipends, Tuition/Fees and Other Budgetary Levels Effective for Fiscal Year 2012 web link NIH NIH Investigators
01/25/12 Notice of Salary Limitation on Grants, Cooperative Agreements, and Contracts web link NIH NIH Investigators
01/25/12 NIH Fiscal Policy for Grant Awards FY 2012 web link NIH NIH Investigators
10/24/11 Research Development and Grant Writing News web link

10/07/11 Data Management information now available web link    word NSF NSF Investigators
09/21/11 PeopleSoft Search for Awards by Name pdf
09/15/11 Research Commercialization Webinar Series pdf
UVM Campus
09/14/11 NSF BIO Directorate Proposal Processing Changes word NSF NSF Investigators
08/24/11 FY11 Annual Reports now available web link
UVM campus
07/07/11 Announcing Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) pdf
UVM campus
05/04/11 NIH Salary Cap web link NIH NIH Investigators
03/10/11 New NSF Requirement for Training in Research Ethics pdf
NSF Investigators
01/01/11 Measurable Effort and Cost Sharing pdf All UVM Campus

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