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Material Transfer Agreements

All Material Transfer Agreements are processed and approved by:

Office of Technology Commercialization
University of Vermont 
Given Building, Room E201
89 Beaumont Avenue
Burlington VT 05405

Sample Material Transfer Agreements

Please visit the Office of Technology Commercialization Resources page for forms related to Material Transfer Agreements.

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is a written contract between UVM and an outside party setting forth the terms and conditions for the transfer of the providing party’s proprietary materials or research tools to the receiving party for use in the receiving party’s research programs.

MTAs are needed for both incoming and outgoing materials.  Outgoing material would normally be UVM material provided to an outside party.

Such research materials and tools can include, for example, transgenic animals, cell lines, cultures, proteins, human or animal DNA, nucleotides, or chemical compounds including compounds from pharmaceutical companies.

An MTA provides for transfer of possession of the material; however, title or ultimate control remains with the materials provider. UVM enters into MTAs with other non-profit institutions, the federal government, private corporations, and different entities outside the United States.

UVM can be either the provider or recipient of research materials or tools.

Material Transfer Agreements in Depth
  • Click here for an in depth discussion of the issues involved in executing MTA including UVM's process and procedures.
Incoming Material Transfer Agreements
  • Find information here about MTAs for materials or tools being provided to UVM from another institution or company.
Outgoing Material Transfer Agreements
  • Find information here about MTAs for UVM materials or tools being provided by UVM for research use at another institution or company.

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