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Gift vs. Grant

The terms grant and gift are often used interchangeably. However, a grant is more restrictive than a gift, and requires different monitoring and accounting procedures. The following guidelines are those developed by UVM to distinguish a grant from a gift.


  • Intends to support a project with a specific set of objectives.
  • Normally requires a formal written proposal that indicates total project costs.
  • Requires periodic written reports of a descriptive, technical and/or financial nature.
  • Must be budgeted and accounted for separately from other awards.
  • Must be applied for and awarded through Sponsored Project Administration to assure compliance with UVM and agency policies.


  • Normally requires no formal proposal and no reporting of a descriptive, technical, or financial nature.
  • Is made and accepted without consideration of project costs, but rather as project or institutional support.
  • Can be combined with gifts of a similar nature for similar purposes and does not need separate accounts or budgets.
  • May be for a specific project or unrestricted institutional purposes.

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