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Trustee Selection coMMITTEE

Board of Trustee Selection Committee

Each year, this group selects one UVM student to serve a two-year term on the board of trustees. The student elected as a trustee has full voting rights and an active voice on the board.


President Student Government Association:
Ethan Foley (Committee Chair)

Vice-President Student Government Association:
Gillian Natanagara (Committee Vice-Chair)

IRA President: Alistair Murphy

IRA Vice-President: Liz Cirivello

Off Campus Senate Representatives:
Kaylie Haberstroh (Committee Secretary)
Jack Peters 

Graduate Student Senate Representative:  Joseph Campbell

Medical Student Representative:  William Earle

Fraternity & Sorority Representitive:  William Curtis

Feel free to contact the Chair or any of the other committee members with questions/comments/concerns via e-mail addresses. E-mail addresses can be obtained by using the names as they are written above and putting them into UVM's directory function at


BOT Application

Applications are DUE January 15th, 2019.  Emailed to Ethan Foley: 

Applicants MUST watch all mandatory information files.

The first information file is Attahched  HERE

To access files 2 and 3 you need to email Ethan Foley: 
If an applicant does not request to view files 2 and 3, their application will be incomplete and not reviewed.  Files 2 and 3 are recordings of information sessions that must be downloaded via ShareFile from the Student Government Association for verification purposes. (You must download both files for viewing after receiving access on UVM’s File Transfer Service. – the committee can see if you download the files, and if they are not downloaded, your application will be incomplete.)


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