University of Vermont


The President and Vice President of the SGA are elected by the student body every year. The Treasurer is nominated by the President-Elect and Vice-President-Elect. The senate confirms the candidate by a 2/3 majority vote.

Jason Maulucci, 2015-2016 SGA President

The president of the SGA Senate works in concert with the Vice-President and Treasurer of the SGA to oversee the Student Government Association Senate and its various functions. As a part of a University recognized governance group, the President reports to the Board of Trustees at quarterly meetings as well as serves in various administrative capacities at the University level. The President Represents students and the legislation of the SGA Senate in these roles and reports University action to the students as necessary. Often times the President is the only student representative in policy or initiative forming meetings, however they work with the Vice President to find and create new opportunities of leadership for students and often collaborate with other students and student organizations. The President reports weekly to the SGA Senate and is Chair of the SGA Executive Committee. Finally, the President also serves on Student Trustee Selection Committee, the Honorary Degree Working Group, the Technology Innovation Fund Committee, various search committees, and various other ad-hoc or working groups as they arise.
Tyler Davis, 2015-2016 SGA Vice-President