University of Vermont

Elections Timeline

2015-2016 First Year Elections

August 31-
Pick up election packets in the SGA office. (3rd floor Davis Center)
September 10- Mandatory meeting for candidates, in the SGA office.  7:30pm.
September 11-Petitions and platforms are due by 4:00pm. Turned in at the SGA front desk.
September 16-17- Elections begin 8:00am on the 16th and end 4:00pm on the 1st.

President & VP Elections 2015-2016
Presidential Candidates
Jason Maulucci-668 votes
Caroline DeCunzo-542 votes
Khalil Lee-221 votes
Dylan Letendre-151 votes

Vice-Presidential Candidates
Tyler Davis-752 votes
Sam Ghazey-597 votes
Jonathan Cares-189 votes

President & VP Elections 2014-2015
Presidential Candidates

Aya AL-Namee-783 Votes
Ty Williams-676 Votes
Khalil Lee-398 Votes

Vice-Presidential Candidates
Andrew Bowen-1529

President & VP Elections 2013-2014
Presidential Candidates

Connor Daley-613 votes

Vice Presidential Candidates
Jack Birmingham-415 votes
Aya AL-Namee-372 votes

President & VP Elections 2012-2013
Presidential Candidates

Connor Daley-709 votes
Michael White-409 votes
Gavin Caster-170 votes
Ali Sadeghi-157 votes

Vice Presidential Candidates
Samantha Holland-496 votes
Thomas Campbell-470 votes
Connor Burns-375 votes
Owen DeMasi-80 votes

President & VP Elections 2011-2012

Presidential Candidates:
Julian Golfarini- 698 votes
Aliza Lederer-Plaskett- 677 votes

Vice Presidential Candidates:
William Vitagliano- 1143 votes

First Year Elections


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