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There are eight standing committees which focus on specific areas of the student experience ranging from academic policy to social equity.

Standing Committees

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee considers matters of student interest in the areas of academic policy, curriculum, and faculty-student relations and recommends action to the Senate.  The Committee delegates members to the Curricular Affairs Committee and the Student Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate, as well as other campus-wide committees pertaining to academic affairs.  The Academic Affairs Committee also has an advisory role in the Peer Advising Program.

To find out more about the Academic Affairs Committee visit us on the Lynx or contact Committee Chair, Jamie Benson (


Club Affairs Committee

The Club Affairs Committee is responsible to overseeing all activities related to SGA clubs and organizations.  They consider all requests for new club recognition and submit them before the SGA Senate for Approval.  This committee is responsible for monitioring SGA Organizations during meetings and events, and shall keep in close contact with club officials to ensure that they are running smoothly and correctly.  They will investigate student exclusions from participating in clubs and violations of SGA or UVM policies.  The Club Affairs Committee with decide on club recognition status and disciplinary actions. 

To find out more about the Student Action Committee visit us on the Lynx or contact Committee Chair, Cammy Schiller (


Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

The Committee on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (CODIE) is responsible for addressing student concerns around inclusion, diversity, and social justice. The  Committee considers and makes recommendations on issues pertaining to social equity, while holding at least one public forum each semester. CODIE serves as a liaison between select University offices and centers to further the University’s goals of creating an inclusive environment. The Committee delegates members to Title IX Committees within the Office on Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity and jointly appoints a student to serve on the Faculty Senate Diversity Curriculum Review Committee with the Senate Academic Affairs Committee and various identity groups on campus. 

To find out more about the Committee on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity visit us on the Lynx or contact Committee Chair, Reginah Mako (

Committee on The Environment 

The Committee on the Environment (COTE) is responsible for student interest in the areas of the environment.  They will consider and make recommendations on issues pertaining to UVM's environmental impact and sustainability; including but not limited to renewable energy, ecological design and stewardship, environmental health, environmentally conscious investing and the pursuit of the Environmental University.  Additionally, the committee is responsible for having a relationship with the Office of sustainability and clubs or organizations on campus that strive for environmental sustaibability and environmental impact.  

To find out more about COTE visit us on the Lynx or contact Committee Chair, Will Corcoran (

Committee on Legislative and Community Affairs

The Committee on Legislative and Community Affairs, or COLCA, acts as the student link between UVM and the local, state, and federal communities. UVM would not be the college it is without Burlington, Vermont and Burlington, Vermont would not be the city it is without UVM, the relationship between the two is unique and important and we try to cultivate it. We use various avenues on and off campus to accomplish our work. For example, we work with the Office of Student and Community Relations, or OSCR, on neighborhood clean ups, their street strategies, and Community Coalition. Community Coalition is a setting for both students and community members to talk about previous work, progress, and complaints between the university and community members. We also work closely with the UVM local, state, and federal relations offices in order to accomplish cohesive goals between the administration and students. Lastly, we work on campus to make students more aware of their positions and potential within the community and the issues that do or will affect them the most. With all of these efforts and more we hope to foster good relationships and create new ones between the university and the community in order to make UVM, Burlington, and Vermont a more productive and positive environment for all.

To find out more about COLCA visit us on the Lynx or contact Committee Chair, Maeve McDermott (


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for managing the SGA budget.  We make decisions and recommend allocation actions to the Senate on proposed funding of SGA organizations.  It is the goal of the University of Vermont Student Government Association Finance Committee to assist clubs in funding events and resources that look to fulfill the mission of the club and enhance the quality of the student experience here at UVM.  The Finance Committee makes decisions with careful calculation and attention to the SGA Financial Documents.  We work in conjunction with the SGA Treasurer and Business Accounting Specialist to ensure that all financial data is properly maintained. The committee meets weekly with clubs and organizations requesting supplemental funding and manages the budgeting process that occurs each February.

To find out more about the Finance Committee visit us on the Lynx or contact Committee Chair, Jack Peters (

Supplemental Request Forms:

Supplemental funding requests can be submitted on The Lynx. Please open a second browser and log in to The Lynx, then click here for Supplemental Forms

**Please note, you must submit your supplemental request by noon on Friday for your request to be considered the next week.  Any requests submitted after noon on Friday will be considered the following week.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for ensuring that the student body and UVM community are informed of the activities of the Student Government Association. They coordinate all Student Government publicity, including student appointment positions, Board of Trustees selection, Student Government elections, and resolutions and bills passed by the SGA Senate to the appropriate persons and locations. This committee conducts the Vermont Student Opinion Poll (VSOP) at least once per semester on any relevant issues currently being debated.

To find out more about the Public Relations Committee visit us on the Lynx or contact Committee Chair Owen Doherty,


Student Action Committee

The Student Action Committee is open to a wide vairety of projects and initiatives pertaining to student life and issues that include anything from dining to mental heath to transportation, and any other aspect of student life.  We take concerns directly from tthe student body, address salient faculty members, and collaborare as a team to find effective, long term solutions.  This committee thrives on student input, so we created UVM Voice as an easy way for students to voice their concerns.  Projects we're working on this year include fixing the Quarry Hill shuttle system, working on dining hall security, finding more study space for students during finals, and a multitude of other efforts.  

To find out more about the Student Action Committee visit us on the Lynx or contact Committee Chair Aidan Doherty,


Non-Standing Committees

Election Committee

The Elections Committee consists of four committee members along with a Committee Chair. The Elections Committee must be made up of Senators who are not running in the upcoming election. The committee oversees and publicizes all SGA elections including the First Year, Midterm, Presidential/Vice Presidential, and Spring Senatorial Elections. The Elections Committee is also responsible for maintaining the Elections Rules and Regulations.

To find out more about the Elections committee, contact or visit the Elections Page.

Appointments Committee

The Appointments Committee consists of the eleven Executive Committee Members of the SGA, with the exception of the SGA Treasurer and SGA Speaker of the Senate.  The committee is chaired by the SGA Vice President, and charged with approving the Appointments Process, as well as working with the Vice President to oversee the appointment of new senators to the SGA Senate.  This committee meets at the discretion of the Vice President, and is also responsible for conducting interviews with all selected applicants, and formally nominating students to be confirmed by the SGA Senate for open Senate positions.

To find out more about SGA Appointments contact Gillian Natanagara (

Constitution Committee

The Constitution Committee is chaired by the Speaker of the Senate and includes the following membership: the SGA President ex-officio, the SGA Vice President ex-officio, the SGA Treasurer ex-officio and seven senators (one from each of the standing committees). Essentially, the Constitution Committee is responsible for knowing the Constitution, upholding its content, researching and offering amendments to the Senate.  (Click here for the SGA Constitution)

To find out more about the SGA Constitution and Operational Documents contact

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