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Over 80% of University of Vermont students are involved in a club - and with about 170 SGA recognized clubs, we're sure to have at least one you'll be interested in!

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1 in 4

1 in 4 is an all-male sexual assault peer education group that educates men about how to support survivors of sexual assault/rape, and how to safely intervene in risky situations where a sexual assault might happen.

More Information:
Contacts: Cal Rawlings , Kyle Bodge
Advisor: Keith Smith


The UVM Accounting Club is a club in which University of Vermont students can hone accounting skills, meet with business professional already working in the accounting field, and talk with students and teachers about issues arising from their classes, internships, or everyday lives.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Jeff Schindler , Ryan Williams
Advisor: Susan Hughes


The major goal of this organization is to teach students how to safely practice acroyoga and give them a space to do it. Acroyoga is very fun and it will help students build muscle, trust, and confidence. Acroyoga looks intimidating and can be dangerous when not executed properly and without a spotter. This club will make acroyoga accessible, approachable, and safe for anyone who is interested in trying.

More Information:| Facebook
Contacts: Tilly Forlack , Amy Cavanagh
Advisor: Amanda McIntire

Active Minds at UVM

Active Minds, Inc. is a national organization dedicated to destigmatizing mental health disorders by promoting open, enlightened discussion around mental health. Dedicated student-led chapters have opened all over the country on numerous college campuses, and this number continues to increase as more and more students advocate for this important cause.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Michael Werner , Taylor Daniels
Advisor: Alisha Lewis

Alana Gear

ALANA GEAR (Asian, Latino, African, Native American: Gaining Experience in Adventure Recreation) seeks to provide ALANA students and those with little to no experience or accessibility to outdoor activities with the skills they need to get involved in the outdoors.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Andrew Romano , Cailan O'Leary
Advisor: John Abbott

Alianza Latinx

Alianza Latina is a student-run organization dedicated to raising awareness about the Latino culture and providing resources for the Latino community, here, at UVM. Students do not have to identify as Latino to join. The club welcomes everyone and anyone. Each semester, Alianza Latina hosts 2 signature event: Noche De Cultura and Comida Para La Gente in the fall and spring semester, respectively. Between planning Noche De Cultura and Comida Para La Gente, Alianza arranges a variety of events including Latin dance parties, guest speakers, and outreach visits to the neighboring universities and Latino communities.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Ariel Tubbs , Josephine Mercado
Advisor: Isora Lithgow

Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed service fraternity dedicated to leadership, friendship, and service. We have weekly service opportunities as well as fellowship events to develop bonds between members. We accept new members at the beginning of both semesters!

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Ryan Beattie , Zelda Dively
Advisor: Laura Megivern

Alpine Ski

UVM Alpine Ski club offers both new and experienced racers the opportunity to compete in both relaxed and competitive leagues.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Lindsey Koski , Ben Wasser
Advisor: John Abbott

Alternative Energy Racing Organization

Alternative Energy Racing Organization (AERO) is a student group at the University of Vermont that works for the advocacy, research and development of alternative energy drive systems. We are committed to finding technological solutions to address our dependency on non-renewable energy sources and to apply our education to this purpose.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Jack Zimmerman , George Spearing
Advisor: Dustin Rand

American Institute of Aeronautices and Astronautics

AIAA's vision is to be the voice of the aerospace profession through innovation, technical excellence, and global leadership.

More Information:
Contacts: Duncan Hacker , Diarmuid Gregory
Advisor: Dr. Darren Hitt

American Sign Language

ASL Club provides a unique experience by bridging the gap of the hearing community and the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing community at UVM and in surrounding areas through allowing club members to interact with individuals (students and community members alike) who are interested in American Sign Language, d/Deaf culture & history.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Twitter
Contacts: Greta Pellerin , Tal Saidon
Advisor: John Pirone

American Society of Civil Engineers

American Society of Civil Engineers is a club dedicated to the professional development of students enrolled in the Civil and Environmental Engineering programs by focusing on learning about civil engineering projects that affect our immediate community as well as geographical areas other members and outside contacts are interested in.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Thomas Wiggins , Sydney Clark
Advisor: Priyantha Wijesinghe

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a great club to gain experience in and learn more about the field of mechanical engineering. It is also a great way to meet new people who are interested in engineering, and allow you to broaden your network.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Brandon Voll , Aidan Laracy
Advisor: John Novotny

Amnesty International

We are an international human rights organization. We plan to write letters, spread awareness, and go to conferences and events focused on the preservation of human rights for people around the world.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Kenzie Hines , Lilly Oates
Advisor: Pablo Bose


The Anime Club is dedicated to creating an environment where fans of anime can share their passion, collectively screen classic and upcoming anime, and foster discussion!

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Nicholas Bowles , Jake Mooney
Advisor: Kyle Ikeda

Anthropology Club

The purpose of this organization is to foster an interest and further the involvement of UVM students in the field of anthropology by providing a medium for interactions between anthropologists and students as well as provide support to student research opportunities.

More Information:The Lynx | Website
Contacts: Hayley Malloy , David McCoy
Advisor: Jonah Steinberg

Asian Student Union

The Asian American Student Union (AASU) is a cultural and diversity organization at UVM. As an ALANA affiliated organization, our goal is to explore and develop Asian-American identities and cultural values in both UVM as well as the greater community.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Maya Greally , Victor Wu
Advisor: Alex Yin

Backcountry skiing club

We're a group of backcountry skier and riders who enjoy the thrills of earning your turns. Including everything from exercise laps at the resorts to skiing the steeps and deeps; we have everything involved with backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering.

More Information:
Contacts: Jake Inger , Ian Clarke
Advisor: John Abbott

Badminton Club

The UVM Badminton Club offers an opportunity for students to play badminton recreationally. This club is open to players of all skill levels.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Sebastian Jordan Sanjaya , (Ken) Shek-Kin Liu
Advisor: Taras Lakoba

Ballet Viridis

We are UVM's first SGA recognized ballet company, currently student taught and organized. We choreograph and perform classical/contemporary ballet pieces.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Sarah Lindner , Maia Padberg
Advisor: Paula Higa

Ballroom and West Coast Swing Society

BASS is one of the most popular clubs on campus. We are all about swing and ballroom, and many other fun dances! Our free lessons are an amazing way to learn how to dance, meet friends, and stay in shape! We hold dances, perform, and even compete!

More Information:
Contacts: Chayla Heath , Brenna Coombs
Advisor: Paul Besaw

Baseball Team

UVM Club Baseball Team was founded in the Spring of 2010. We won the championship our first year with an undefeated season and followed the next year second in our division losing in the semi finals of the playoffs. We'll be back again for the trophy!

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Michael Gilarde , Kane Curtin
Advisor: John Luter


Establish a beekeeping community -Educate and inform the public -Tend to a bee yard on campus

More Information:
Contacts: Jack Hurley , Peter Chlebowski
Advisor: Mark C. Starrett

Biochemistry Society

We are a group of students who wish to support and advocate the sciences on campus. We offer seminars, hands on activities, and career resources to anyone interested in learning more about the sciences.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Brian Coven , Joe Kajander
Advisor: Jay Silveira

Biomedical Engineering Society

UVMBMES aims to be a resource for innovation, student networking opportunities, and community outreach in the field of biomedical engineering.

More Information:
Contacts: Lara Weed , Julio Lopez-Linehan
Advisor: Jason Bates

Black Student Union

Black Student Union was established in 2003 as a way for students of color to: find community, build coalition and allies, increase diversity, and strengthen intercultural development.We welcome all!

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Manza Campaz , Nicholas Lawrence
Advisor: Aric Faulkner

Books For Equality

We are a non-profit, 501(c)3, and 100% FREE textbook library here on campus. It is run by students for students. Our goal is to combat the unequal economic access to educational materials by renting educational materials to students for free.

More Information:
Contacts: Will Arliss , Braden Fleming
Advisor: Jay Menninger

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu And Judo

The University of Vermont Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/MMA Club is dedicated to teaching students, faculty and staff the proper techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a safe and friendly manner. Club members are also given the opportunity to train No-Gi Grappling

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Miriam Wolpert , Alana Brown
Advisor: Tricia Stokes

Camp Kesem

Camp Kesem UVM is a student-run summer camp for children whose parents have been affected by cancer. Campers spend an empowering week filled with summertime activities while creating lasting bonds with other children and undergraduate students!

More Information:
Contacts: Katie Hannon , Melody Riddle-Wilder
Advisor: Patty Prelock

Campus Kitchens

Campus Kitchens at UVM is a student club that works with Dining Services and local farms to salvage unused food, turn it into nutritious meals, and serve those meals on Sundays to members of the Burlington community.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Jackie Kasinskas , Karolyn Moore    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Laura Megivern

Catamount Dance Crew

The Catamount Dance Crew is the hip-hop dance team at UVM. Performances range from our annual Spring Showcase, to events at Higher Ground. This organization is completely student run and welcomes all dancers! Auditions beginning of Fall and Spring term.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Ariel Tubbs , Ayanna Castaneda
Advisor: Paula Higa

Catamounts Against Cancer

The American Cancer Society Colleges Against Cancer is a nationwide collaboration of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to eliminating cancer by initiating and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society in college communities.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Lejla Mahmuljin , Kaila Carson
Advisor: Todd Pritchard

Catholic Student Association

The CSA aims to be the voice for Catholic students on campus and to cultivate growth and understanding of the Catholic faith, as well as create Catholic fellowship.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Valerie Koch , Kayla Poginy
Advisor: Karla Karstens

Cat's Meow

UVM's only all-female a cappella group! We hold auditions at the beginning of every semester! Keep your eye out for a free show in the fall.

More Information:The Lynx | Website
Contacts: Gillian Natanagara , Julia A Goodgold
Advisor: Lynn Bessette

Celtic Cats

We provide an opportunity for members with no experience to learn as well as a place for old pros to keep dancing. Lots of performance opportunitites, a fun and rewarding experience, and confidence-building are our top priorities for our members.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook | Instagram| Videos
Contacts: Jess Sheridan , Hayley Malloy    Club E-mail:
Advisor: David Warshaw

Chabad Club

A club dedicated to spreading Jewish and Israeli culture to all students, both Jewish and non-Jewish. The Chabad Club recognizes every Jew as a Jew, regardless of affiliation and denomination, and welcomes anyone curious about Judaism. Chabad Club serves as a home-away-from-home for students; offering free Friday night meals at the home of the Rabbi.

More Information:The Lynx | Website
Contacts: Dylan Jacobs , Eric Grunfeld
Advisor: Richard Sugarman

Challah for Hunger

UVM CFH is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to “baking a difference.” Each week, our team of student volunteers comes together to bake and sell loaves of challah bread. We pride ourselves in making both a local and international difference. Locally, funds raised are donated to our partner organization Hunger Free Vermont. Internationally, funds are contributed to MAZON: A Jewish Response To Hunger.

More Information:
Contacts: Sami Weinberg , Jessie Finkelstein
Advisor: Catherine Diamond


UVM Cheerleading is a devoted, hard working group of students that supports the men's and women's Varsity Basketball teams. We show our school pride and contribute to the fun atmosphere of varsity athletics.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Helena Walker , Jordyn Scism
Advisor: Nora King

Chem Cats

A chemistry club for UVM students to get involved, participate in events run by the chemistry department, meet other students and learn more about the field!

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Nick Minadeo , Clarissa Gold
Advisor: Alexander (Sandy) Wurthmann

Chess Club

Chess Club provides an environment for competitive players to train and study as well as new players to learn how to play. Additionally we would like to stress that our club is open to everyone: USCF (United States Chess Federation) players, leisure players, and beginners alike. We enjoy the game of chess and that is something we feel is worth spreading to other UVM Students. We meet every Monday at 7:30pm in the Fishbowl of the Davis Center.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Aidan Breen , Layton Miller
Advisor: Tian Xia

Chi Alpha

Chi Alpha is a community of students brought together by a common spiritual journey. We want to explore the teachings of Jesus, experience authentic relationships, and engage in compassionate service. We don't have all the answers, but we want to have fun asking the questions, discovering friendship, and making a difference in the world.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Sara Domas , Josiah Witt
Advisor: Cara Dunn

Chinese Student Union

The Chinese Student Union at the University of Vermont (CSU) is a organization to provide service to all Chinese students. We help Chinese students to live better in UVM and to celebrate our traditional festivals.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Tao Deng , Kenneth(Qianyang) Tang
Advisor: Kathryn Gaylord-Miles

Climbing Team

Our purpose it to provide training and instructions for students to learn or improve rock climbing skills and techniques. We meet 2-3 times a week, compete in local competitions, and have lots of fun.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Ian Sewell , Sophie Gibson
Advisor: John Abbott

College Democrats

The UVM College Democrats strives to engage students in the political process, promote the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party, and support the development of current and emerging leaders.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Sam Donnelly , Owen Doherty    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Ellen Anderson

College Diabetes Network

College Diabetes Network is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to empower and improve the lives of students living with Type 1 diabetes through peer support and access to information and resources.

More Information:
Contacts: Carly O'Day , Alexandra Ruman
Advisor: Diana Williams

College Republicans

The College Republicans at UVM strive to promote the values and principle that we as a party believe will help America remain the envy of the world and the greatest nation that every was, or will be.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Thomas Switzgable , David Gabel
Advisor: Alec Ewald

College Undergrads Not Tollerating Sexism

Feminists@UVM has renamed/reincarnated our club as UVM College Undergraduates Not Tolerating Sexism (UVM C.U.N.T.S). Our goal is to promote gender equity, feminism, and sex positivity on campus and within the community at large.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Eden Harari , Cayley Gersh
Advisor: Eve Alexandra

Contra and Folk Dance Society

The goal of Contra & Folk Dance Society is to create a community of contra dancers (and other folk dancers) at UVM to attend local dances, host dance or calling workshops, and host contra dances on campus!

More Information:
Contacts: Sierra Norford , Tara Beattie
Advisor: Ellen Marsden

Creative Writers Guild

We love and encourage creative writing of all types. Our goal is to create and maintain a welcoming space where creative writers can come to practice their skills. No matter what you love to write, we'd love to have you join us!

More Information:
Contacts: Elizabeth Whalen , Gwen Matthews
Advisor: Major Jackson


UVM Crew Team. Looking for men & women, athletes, rowers, & coxswains. No experience is needed to start rowing. Evening novice practices. Practices and informational meeting will start up soon after school begins

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Narissa McCarty , Anthony Sacco
Advisor: Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne


The UVM cycling team is dedicated to spreading, growing and competing in the sport of Cycling. Mostly winning the bike is our goal. We compete in all facets of cyclesport from mountain in the fall, cyclocross in the later fall, and road in the spring.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Melissa Seib , Jake Inger
Advisor: Eric Berliner


The Vermont Cynic is the weekly student-run newspaper for the University of Vermont. An integral part of the Burlington publishing community, The Cynic boasts a circulation of 5,000 copies on-campus and reaching numerous off-campus locations

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Videos
Contacts: Greta Bjornson , Sorrel Galantowicz    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Chris Evans

Dairy Club

The dairy club at UVM is a group dedicated to learning about the dairy industry, and about the many dairy products that are incorporated into our diets. Each year we look forward to touring local Vermont dairy farms and industry businesses, as well as fairs and other venues. We also invite an array of speakers to talk with us about current industry trends and topics.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Maureen Whitney , Laura Olszanski
Advisor: Norman Purdie

Dance Club

The UVM Dance Team is a close-knit group of dancers who love to perform! We enjoy entertaining the crowd at all Men's and Women's home basketball games during timeouts and half-time. The team also travels to NCAA and America East tournaments in March.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Krissi Payne , Kara Bates
Advisor: Blanka Nikolic

Disc Golf

Disc golf is more fun with more people and there are some great courses in the Burlington area which will be played on the weekends. Players of all skill levels welcome!

More Information:
Contacts: Henry Kraft , Riley Ruttgers
Advisor: Cyrus Carey

Dressage Team

The UVM Dressage Team has a lot to offer riders of all disciplines and experience levels. Our current team consists of individuals from a range of different backgrounds, but the study of classical dressage provides a common ground.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Abby Brown , Emily Bono
Advisor: Jenny Wilkinson


A description is not currently available for this club.

More Information:
Contacts: Benjamin Kotzen , Courtney Brady
Advisor: Sara Solnick


Enactus is a community of student leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world. We do this through community service projects throughout Burlington and surrounding areas.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Logan Zandri , Griffin Shaw
Advisor: Joanne Pencak

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) UVM is one of the many student chapters of EWB-USA. We feel that everyone has the right to the fundamental necessities of life especially access to clean water and air.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Kirsten Jensen , Jenna Bragdon
Advisor: Luis Garcia

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club works to provide its members with the experience of running their own business through guest speaker seminars, pitch competitions, ideathons and community projects. Bring your ideas to life at our weekly meetings in Hills 20!

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Cole Green , Quinlan Anderson
Advisor: Erik Monsen

Equestrian Team

The UVM Equestrian Team is one of the most successful programs of its kind in the country. Riders of all levels find that being a part of the team gives them access to an unparalleled riding education and a unique competition experience. 

More Information:The Lynx | Website
Contacts: Morgan Howlett , Lauren Ecock
Advisor: Joan Rosebush

Exercise Science

The Exercise and Movement Science Association aims to further student's educational practices and opportunities as well as to create a networking system between professors and students among the student community in the College of Nursing and Health Science. To understand and create collaborative partnerships across the spectrum of health science careers and to understand what globally as well as locally connect our chosen fields.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: John Bickers , Lindsey Koski
Advisor: Connie Tompkins

Family Business Club

Enriching the opportunity to learn, explore, and engage with local and national family businesses within the Grossman School of Business community.

More Information:
Contacts: Douglas Hirschhorn , Abigail Collins
Advisor: Pramodita Sharma


A student-run non-profit organization working to end world hunger by exchanging locally sourced, gourmet grilled cheese for a donation to the sustainable end of world hunger.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Lizzy Guido , Rachel Slimovitch
Advisor: Meredith Niles


UVM's Collegiate Fencing Club Salle Catamount is the University of Vermont's fencing club. If you fence competitively, used to fence, or would like to learn, we are the people to visit!

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Justin Brideau , Andrew (Drew) Meyers
Advisor: Sherwood Smith

Field Hockey Club

The UVM Field Hockey Club is a student-led competitive team. Our main playing season is in the fall semester. We travel all over the East Coast playing other members of the NFHL. In the spring, we practice and scrimmage local teams. We have lots of fun!

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Meghan Letizia , Ania Egan
Advisor: Shelby Hinkle-Smith

Figure Skating Club

We support figure skaters of all levels in pursuing skating during college. We provide on-campus ice time to members, and can connect members with coaches in the area. We have a competitive synchronized skating team and a competitive freestyle team.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Samantha Shanks , Gabrielle Kalinen
Advisor: Patricia Stokowski

Film Club

The UVM Film Club is dedicated to producing and critiquing films as well as expanding the community's awareness of Cinema as a medium. The club is also dedicated to bringing in experts from the film industry to talk to its students.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Amanda Hill , Peter Ackerman    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Deb Ellis

Fly Fishing

The UVM FFC aims to immerse students, of all skill levels into the landscapes and aquatic habitats of Vermont through the art of Fly Fishing.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Jack Fontaine , Dylan Hotchkiss
Advisor: Jeff Hughes

Folk Music

The Folk Music Club works to introduce members of the University and the Burlington community to traditional music of all kinds through concerts, workshops, and hands-on playing/singing experience.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Renee Beneski , Brian Colombini
Advisor: Don Stratton


The UVM Club Football Team is the University of Vermont's only competitive football team. The team competes in the Northeastern division of club football teams, against other competative colleges such as Maine, Clarkson and Boston University.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Nick Daigle , Eddie Hockenbury
Advisor: Jeff Dinitz


Free 2 Be is UVM's LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Ally) group on campus. We are student-run and recognized by SGA (Student Government Association). Free 2 Be sponsors a wide range of events and activities.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Luis Garcia , Bella Mezzaroba
Advisor: John Paul Grogan


The Freeskiing Team competes in slopestyle, halfpipe, freeride, and rail jam competitions. We compete both locally in Northern Vermont as well as Nationally. Stowe Mountain Resort is our home mountain and where we ride

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Henry Tynes , Sage Blackburn    Club E-mail:
Advisor: John Abbott

Fungi Club

A new club at UVM focused on one of the more mysterious kingdoms of life: Fungi. Join fellow mycophiles as we explore the world of mushrooms with speakers and workshops on propagation, phylogenetic classification, mushroom walks, and more!

More Information:
Contacts: Max Buchholz , Owen Hudson
Advisor: Terrence Delaney

Generation Outreach UVM

The purpose of Generation Outreach UVM is to improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease through the use of music therapy by volunteering at nursing homes around the Burlington area.

More Information:
Contacts: Grace Murphy , Hannah Sheehy
Advisor: Holly-Lynn Busier


Welcome to the University of the Vermont's Golf Club. The UVM Club Golf team consists of both competitive and recreational golfers. Currently the club is a member of the National Collegiate Club Golf Association (NCCGA).

More Information:The Lynx | Website
Contacts: John Suozzo , Mak Lyford
Advisor: Ting Tan

Goodrich Classical Club

The Goodrich Classical Club is dedicated to promoting the study of Greek and Roman Society, language, and culture. This club is for anyone interested in Classical Studies--it's not just for Classics Majors and Minors!

More Information:The Lynx | Website
Contacts: Ashley Peyton , Jordan Lentz
Advisor: Angeline Chiu

Green Mountain Veggies

Green Mountain Veggies is a place where vegans and non-vegans alike can come together to engage in conversation surrounding all aspects of plant-based health, environmental stewardship and animal rights across UVM.

More Information:
Contacts: Jess Harkness , Alex Bonfiglio
Advisor: Karen Nordstrom


We have a men's and women's team, each of which competes in the National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics (NAIGC), whose motto is "for the love of the sport". No experience is necessary, and any level is welcome to join.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Instagram
Contacts: Douglas Hirschhorn , Laura Jennings    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Gary Bruening

Headwaters Magazine

Headwaters Magazine is a student-run publication of informed commentaries on local, regional, and global environmental issues. We encourage all undergraduate students, regardless of major, background, or politics, to join and contribute!

More Information:
Contacts: Julia Bailey-Wells , Jessica NeJame
Advisor: Joshua Brown


Hillel provides Jewish programming at UVM to all students interested in learning about Judaism. Areas of involvement include social, religious, political and cultural events. Hillel sponsors weekly Shabbat dinners as well as programs and events for most of the Jewish holidays.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Bonnie Tursky , Rebecca Marek
Advisor: Jennifer Prue

Historical Club

The UVM Historical Club is devoted to bringing together historically like minded people for open academic debate, trips to museums, special guest lectures, member presentations, and much more!

More Information:
Contacts: Nathan Raike , Cameron Carlin
Advisor: Paul Deslandes

Hit Paws

The Hit Paws is a co-ed acappella group at UVM. We rehearse 3 times a week for 2 hours. We do gigs in and around the community and also travel throughout New England, singing at various events with other a cappella groups. Auditions begin every semester!

More Information:The Lynx | Website
Contacts: Gillian Gale Goolkasian , Lindsay Ross
Advisor: Nathan Tyocki

Hoop Troop

Hoop Troop is entering its 8th year with over 35 members and several new participants joining each week. In addition to teaching/learning the art of hooping, we choreograph a semester performance and are heavily involved in youth community work.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Tara Beattie , Melissa Roach
Advisor: Linda Kruger

Horticulture Club

This organization was founded in 1997 to bring together students interested in horticulture so that they may increase knowledge for themselves and others in the community. Activities include trips to local gardens, numerous hands-on workshops, etc.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Kaly Gonski , Stuart L. Wolff-Goodrich
Advisor: Mark Starrett

Human Traficking Awareness and Activism Club

A description is not currently available for this club.

More Information:
Contacts: Callie Kotzan , Michael Werner
Advisor: Susan Comerford

Humanitarian Mapping

A description is not currently available for this club.

More Information:
Contacts: Nina Loutchko , Carolyn Balparda
Advisor: Jarlath Patrick O'Neil-Dunne

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The IEEE promotes the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge about electro- and information technologies.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Jonathan Hart , Alice Murphy
Advisor: Hamid Ossareh

International Socialist Organization

International working class revolution to overthrow capitalism and build a world that puts human need and ecological sustainability before profits.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Kelsey Aaron , Bailey Powers    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Helen Scott

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

The mission of InterVarsity is advancing the Kingdom of God, through whole life conversion to Jesus. Students moving from cynic, to seeker, to follower, to leader, to WORLD CHANGER. In this way we engage with students to discuss who Jesus is, what is God’s calling for us and what does it means to be a sent community, spreading the good news of renewal in Christ!

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Jenna Alessandro , Joshua Ravenscroft
Advisor: Rodman W. Cory

Investment Club

Thank you for your interest in the Investment Club! Our club primarily functions as a learning environment for people who are interested in learning about general Investments. We primarily discuss news in the stock markets and companies of interest.

More Information:The Lynx | Website
Contacts: Aaron Goldstein , Jack Winslow
Advisor: Michael Tomas III


UVM Jazbaa is UVM's first Bollywood dance club. We aim to bring culture and influence from all over South Asia into UVM and we do this by incorporating all sorts of styles - Indian and Western into our dances.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook | Videos
Contacts: Keerthi onkaram , Choeden Lama    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Alexander Yin

J Street U

Our goals are to advocate and educate about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We are deeply committed to ensuring Israel’s future as the democratic homeland of the Jewish people, which can only be secured through a two-state resolution.

More Information:
Contacts: Eli Kushen , Alison Forman-Katz
Advisor: Gideon Bavly

Kayak Club

We're an organization looking to expand the sport of whitewater kayaking on campus as well as in the community. We run pool sessions twice a week as well as lead a lot of river trips for a first hand experience on whitewater!

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Morgan McCord , Connor McCarthy
Advisor: John Abbott

Lawrence Debate Union

The Lawrence Debate Union is an intercollegiate, academic organization that competes regionally, nationally, and internationally. We engage in two styles of debate: Policy and British Parliamentary (also known as Worlds); both are coached professionally.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Kiersten Brewton , Lilly Oates
Advisor: Helen Morgan-Parmett


The UVM Linguistics Club aims to create an environment in which students can explore their interests in linguistics and language. Our primary focus is to foster a linguistics community on campus, and to act as an additional resource for students.

More Information:
Contacts: Shannon Foley , Rain Storer
Advisor: Julie Roberts

Love Your Melon

A description is not currently available for this club.

More Information:
Contacts: Lily Abrams , Julia Hurd
Advisor: Rebecca Nagle


The UVM MadCats is a classical a cappella choir for all voice parts. Auditions take place at the beginning of each semester.

More Information:
Contacts: Chloe Gallant , Nina Perel
Advisor: David Neiweem

Marketing Club

Marketing Club is open to all UVM students. As a member of the club, you will participate in various fundraisers, bring in marketing affiliated speakers, network in big cities as NYC, Boston or even Burlington, and gain valuable experience with marketing amongst UVM and beef up that resume.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Nicole Dulac , Charlotte Milton
Advisor: Amy Tomas

Math Club

Math Club is for people who are interested in mathematics. We do math-related activities, such as lectures by professors and we do math-adjacent activities such as movies and origami. All are welcome.

More Information:
Contacts: Jack Felag , Eliot Heinrich
Advisor: Christelle Vincent


MEDVIDA meetings for the Fall 2015 semester are every Wednesday at 5:30 PM in Aiken 112. Join us! MEDVIDA is partners with MEDlife, a non-profit organization devoted to providing healthcare and development to people in need world wide.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Videos
Contacts: Elle Cunningham , Jake Mogerman    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Jeanne Shea

Men's Basketball

We are a group of UVM students who love to play competitive basketball. We practice upwards of three times per week and have games throughout both fall and spring semesters.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Xander Kirshen , Kyle Adams
Advisor: Joanne Pencak

Men's Ice Hockey

The UVM Men's Ice Hockey Club serves the role of the University's 2nd men's ice hockey team. The mission of this organization is to provide an avenue for high level non-varsity ice hockey players to play competitive full-contact ice hockey for UVM.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Andrew Ehler , Connor Bradley
Advisor: Kyle Warren

Men's Lacrosse

The past few years have consisted of building a program which values team unity, a winning mentality and a sense of pride while at the same time expressing love and respect of the game.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Carter Rose , Richard Thorpe
Advisor: Joe Gervais

Men's Rugby

Division II Rugby Team Practices are Tuesday and Thursday 7-8:30 am during the fall semester. We compete against similarly sized schools around New England. No prior experience is necessary, and we are always accepting new members.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Owen McElhinney , Nolan Joyce
Advisor: Declan Connolly

Men's Soccer

UVM Men's Club is a competitive soccer team that travels throughout New England playing other universities' club teams, as well as the occasional varsity team.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Ryan Lutrzykowski , Owen Molind
Advisor: Victor Rossi

Men's Ultimate Frisbee

We play Ultimate. We play ultimate well. 33.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Stephen Donahue , Quinn Ledak
Advisor: John Abbott

Men's Volleyball

A competitive NECVL DI team that travels around New England to play in tournaments against other DI schools.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Noah Taha-Green , Ben Davis
Advisor: Jordan Olson

Minority Association of Premedical Students

MAPS works closely with the University of Vermont School of Medicine and the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) chapter to connect underrepresented students in the medical field to opportunities within and around the community.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Brandon Salimi , Xixi Halvorson-Phelan
Advisor: Elizabeth Bonney

Mock Trial Society

Mock Trial is a fun-filled and action-packed adventure into the wild world of the courtroom. Every year we get a case to present, for both the plaintiff/prosecution side and the defense, and present it at various tournaments across the country.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Eric Tucker , Jim Simpson
Advisor: Don Loeb

Model United Nations

UVM Model UN (UVMMUN) is a club at UVM which promotes intercultural dialogue, critical thinking, and a global mindset through attendance at conferences, hosting of conferences, and simulations of the United Nations!

More Information:
Contacts: Julia King , David Gabel
Advisor: Dr. Robert V. Bartlett

Motor Enthusiast

UVM Motor Enthusiasts seeks to unite students and faculty members who share a passion in automotive culture and industry, teach safe driving practices, and discuss all topics car related.

More Information:
Contacts: Tucker Beatty , Alexander Byron
Advisor: Zach Ballard

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association at The University of Vermont initiated primarily to bring together Muslims of diverse backgrounds and cultures under one unified, organized, proactive community. We reach out to all!

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Brandon Salimi , Lule Aden
Advisor: Laura C. Engelken

National Association for Music Educators

NAfME Collegiate is a club that provides future music educators with various opportunities for professional and musical growth. Members are given the option to attend annual conferences and workshop where they can collaborate with professional educators around the country. Additionally, the club hosts fundraising events - Holiday album productions, an annual Discovering Music Carnival, and more - in order to prepare participating members for their prospective careers.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Stephanie Aurenz , Bailey Brown
Advisor: Patricia Riley


The Neuroscience club at UVM is a way for undergraduate students interested in careers and topics in neuroscience to get information and discuss current matters in neuroscience as well as involve the community and educate them about the subject.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Emma Redel , Elise Prehoda
Advisor: Allison Anacker

Nordic Ski Club

We're a competitive Nordic club team. We are very proud to now be a part of the USCSA Racing League! We train, race, hang out, and have a lot of fun! Skiers of all abilities are more than welcome. Sign up join us for an awesome season!

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Rachel Slimovitch , Calen Mendall
Advisor: Terence Cuneo

Olympic Weight Lifting

The UVM WLC is dedicated to teaching safe and effective methods for Olympic Weightlifting, strength sports, and general fitness to all members of the UVM student body. We welcome those with recreational, supplemental, or competitive interest in the sport.

More Information:The Lynx | Website
Contacts: Tim Laracy , Morgan Gosselin
Advisor: Declan Connolly

Orchesis Dance Company

The Orchesis Dance Company is a group of about 20 dancers who love to dance, perform, and have fun along the way! With members from different dance backgrounds and training, this student-run company embodies a wide variety of talent and personality.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook | Videos
Contacts: Tessa Bukowiec , Clara Behrman
Advisor: Clare Byrne

Outing Club

The UVM Outing Club provides affordable wilderness trips, instruction, leadership training and certification opportunities for students. We also provide a comprehensive array of affordable rental equipment to the UVM community. It is our further goal to promote enjoyment, safe use and responsible stewardship of the environments we travel in through practice of Leave No Trace principles. We openly invite all UVM students to come to the OC house, sign up for a trip, eat some food and stay for a meeting!

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Lulu Orne , Liza Orne    Club E-mail:
Advisor: John Abbott

OXFAM America Club at UVM

Oxfam America is a non-profit organization working to create sustainable solutions to global hunger, poverty and social injustice.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: MacKenzie Michaels , Aurore Kucaba
Advisor: Pablo Bose

Partners In Health Engage

Partners in Health (PIH) Engage is a non-government organization that provides medical care to those in need. As the UVM chapter, we will help to fundraise and facilitate awareness about global health issues.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Charlotte Malling , Hannah Hatch
Advisor: Jeanne Shea

Political Science Club

The Political Science Club aims to facilitate discussions of current events, host guest speakers, and put on events where students can not only cultivate their political passions, but also explore careers in the field.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Darby Relyea , Jonah Bol
Advisor: Anthony Gierzynski


ox at the University of Vermont empowers our community, advocating for reproductive justice via educating our campus, supporting Planned Parenthood, and serving as a voice in our community.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook | Videos
Contacts: Teremy Garen , Emma Pinezich
Advisor: Felicia Kornbluh

Premedical Club

The Premedical Club's primary focus is to expose students to the study of medicine. This is accomplished via guest lecturers, academic outings, information sessions, volunteering, and increasing general knowledge about the medical environment.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Keira Goodell , Morgan Howlett
Advisor: Scott Morrical

Pre-Physical Therapy Club

A description is not currently available for this club.

More Information:
Contacts: Mykayla O'Brien , Lily Anderson
Advisor: Declan Connolly

Pre-Physicians Assistant Club

We strive to assist all students in pursuit of their career in the Physician Assistant occupation by preparing competitive and dedicated applicants. We provide resources, advice and educational material as needed to ensure the success of our members.

More Information:
Contacts: Katherine Bullock , Michelle Porter
Advisor: Cara Calvelli

PreVeterinary Club

Pre-Vet Club is run by students to help provide information, experiences, and support related veterinary medicine. Our main purpose is helping students gain exposure to the world of veterinary medic and building relationships between pre-vet students.

More Information:The Lynx | Website
Contacts: Kortnie Wheaton , Lauren Spendley
Advisor: Jenny Wilkinson

Quidditch Club

Join UVM quidditch -friendship, athletics, and shenanigans will abound! Find our group on facebook (search UVM Quidditch!) for more frequent event updates and current practice times. See you on pitch!

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Becky Daw , Tom DeMouth
Advisor: James Williamson

Rap and Spoken Word

UVM community to discuss, collaborate, and enjoy rap & spoken word poetr

More Information:
Contacts: Jordan Fairchild , Connor Dunkling
Advisor: Major Jackson

Reformed University Fellowship

RUF at UVM is a community of students who love God, love others, and love UVM/the world. That is why we create opportunities for you to explore Christianity, connect with others, and grow spiritually. All are welcome!

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Chris Robinson , Owen Molind
Advisor: John Meinen

Renewable Energy Network

Connecting and preparing students for a future in the clean energy industry through networking events and applicable tours.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Jane Stromberg , Shane Gussman
Advisor: Richard Watts


The primary responsibility of UVM Rescue is to provide emergency medical care to the University of Vermont, Fletcher Allen Helipad, and the University Health Center (UHC). UVM Rescue also provides primary back-up to Burlington, South Burlington, Shelburne, Winooski, Richmond, and other communities as part of its mutual aid plan.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Adam Kingsley , Abigail Bartram    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Zachary Borst

Roller Hockey

We are a hockey team that is consistently competitive at the regional level, and qualified for the national tournament in the 2004-05 season. In 2009-2010 the team won the Northeast Region in Division II and was seeded in the top half for the Regional.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Taylor Peltier , Avery Nasworthy
Advisor: Joan Rosebush

Running Club

The UVM Running Club is a fun group of people who love running for what it is and welcome runners of all abilities. We offer a wide range of opportunities and benefits including weekly group runs, physical education credit for qualifying members, occasional discounts on race fees, free transportation to local races, occasional discounts on shoes and gear, and regular opportunities for community service.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Chris Salamone , Brooke Pietrafesa
Advisor: Sheila Weaver

SAE Mini Baja

Collegiate design competition sanctioned by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Teams are tasked with designing, building, testing, and racing small, highly competitive, off-road race vehicles in a variety of events.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Michael Calascibetta , Alex Haughton
Advisor: Victor Rossi


The UVM Sailing Team is one of the most popular and competitive club sports at UVM. We compete in the New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association (NEISA), which is undoubtedly the most competitive district in college sailing. The team attends an average of 4 to 6 regattas per weekend. While the competition for spots at top events each weekend is hot, the expansive schedule ensures that everyone who demonstrates commitment and hard work at practice, will have the opportunity to sail.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Vince Yannelli , Jan Kite-Powell
Advisor: Ruth Blauwiekel

Salsa Society

The UVM Salsa Society is the spiciest club on campus! We aim to encourage UVM students to engage in Latin social dancing; through weekly lessons in Salsa and other Latin social dances, as well as the promotion of various on and off campus events.

More Information:
Contacts: Cait Fitzgerald , Jonalyn Burt
Advisor: Paul Besaw

Shooting Sports Club

The University of Vermont Shooting Sports Club is a community for gun enthusiasts to meet and go shooting together. The club is made up of a competitive shotgun and pistol teams as well as a recreational group. We welcome shooters of all skill levels.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: John Cialek , Ryan McGuinness
Advisor: Nick Hall

Ski & Snowboard Club

PROMOTING EVERYTHING RAD SINCE 2003 The University of Vermont Ski & Snowboard Club, or more widely known as the UVMSSC, is the largest student run organization on the University's campus with over 2000 members in 2014-2015.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Gabe Bresnahan , Hugo Rapp
Advisor: John Abbott

Slow Food UVM

Slow Food UVM is a local chapter of an international organization emphasizing the importance of Good, Clean, and Fair food. Slow Food stands against the modern industrialized food system and works to educate people about alternative food systems.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Meghan Conway , Isabella Maidoff
Advisor: Tyler Doggett

Snowboard Team

The University of Vermont Snowboard Team is a collection of college riders that are dedicated to improving their level of fr snowboarding. This is a highly committed and competitive team that has a professional coach on the hill 7 days a week.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Jesse Ray , Ethan Trout
Advisor: John Abbott

Social Work

The major goals of the Social Work Club are to build a community among social work students and faculty, to provide extracurricular activities to enrich the learning experience, and to provide volunteer and service opportunities in Burlington.

More Information:
Contacts: Jenny Schumer , Olivia Reilly
Advisor: Danielle Jatlow

Society of American Foresters

We aim to further our members development into capable and qualified Forestry Professionals while serving and educating the public with and on sustainable forestry practices. The Woodsmen Team Competes in sporting events. We seek SAF accreditation.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Ben Church , Miles Bolton
Advisor: Anthony D'Amato

Society of Physics Students

SPS's mission is to further the advancement of the physical sciences at UVM and the surrounding area via outreach programs and student talks.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Twitter
Contacts: Renee Beneski , Brian Lenahan
Advisor: Dennis Clougherty

Society of Post Baccalaureats

A description is not currently available for this club.

More Information:
Contacts: Evan Cornish , Axel Schlossberg
Advisor: Beth Taylor-Nolan

Society of Women Engineers

SWE is an academic group of women in science, engineering and mathematic fields. This club is not just limited to women, men may join as well! Anyone who supports women in engineering is welcome.

More Information:The Lynx | Website
Contacts: Paige Hamilton , Holly Dahlgren    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Lisa Aultman-Hall


UVM Club Softball is a lively, competitive team that welcomes girls with a passion for the game to come and join! We play teams from around New England as part of the NCSA (National Club Softball Association) in the New England-East conference.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Sandra Dinis , Carly Mello
Advisor: Connie Tompkins

Special Olympics

The Special Olympics-University of Vermont Partnership aims to support the missions of both organizations by creating events on and around campus. These events with focus on creating a more inclusive UVM, community, and world.

More Information:
Contacts: Samuel Donnelly , Madi Litchfield
Advisor: Winnie Looby

Speech & Hearing Club

Welcome to the Speech & Hearing Club! Our club is a place for CSD students (and others interested in the science of speech and hearing) to meet each other, build friendships, do fundraising events, charity events, and raise awareness of disabilities.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Julia Hurd , Jaimilee Dresser
Advisor: Julia Walberg

Spoon University

The purpose of Spoon University is to provide college students with the chance to learn, share and talk about food and wellness via an online food publication and to build a community around food and health.

More Information:
Contacts: Emma Goll , Isabella Alessandrini
Advisor: Lizzy Pope

Springboard Diving Club

The UVM Springboard Diving Club is a club that is open to all students at the University of Vermont. Students learn skills like body awareness, fluidity of motion, and how to harness the connection between mind and body through the sport of diving.

More Information:
Contacts: Andrew Parkinson , Robert Lanzilotta
Advisor: Heidi Parker


The UVM Squash club travels all around the Northeast playing collegiate teams including; Tufts, MIT, Harvard, Bowdoin, Boston College, Bryant, Bard and many others. We all compete at a National tournament in February in several divisions.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Emily Von Weise , Stephen Donahue
Advisor: Matthew Tucker

Student Alumni Association

This student organization was created by the Alumni and Parent Programs to help create unity within the University of Vermont. The goal of SAA is to unite all members of the UVM community by promoting Pride, Tradition, and a sense of Home!

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Sarah Wry , Sophie Behrend
Advisor: Sarah Lenes

Student Athletic Advisory Council

SAAC is a group of student athlete leaders who act as a means of communication between the administration, student body, and student athletes. SAAC students engage in community outreach to improve the image of Vermont and create partners in the community.

More Information:
Contacts: Kelly Lennon , Alayna Sonneson
Advisor: Cathy Rahill

Student Athletic Medicine Society

SAMS is a student organization for Athletic Training students who wish to be further involved in organized group events both on and off campus. We strive to attend Athletic Training conferences both in VT and beyond, participate in resume building opportunities and increase the exposure of our chosen career within the greater Burlington community.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Amy Packer , Ashley Branagan
Advisor: Lisa Hardy

Student Dietetics Club

The Student Dietetic Association (SDA) is for students studying dietetics (or interested in the field of dietetics). The purpose of the organization is to provide educational opportunities, encourage professional development, remain current on new information within the field, and help students network. Students are encouraged to become active student members in the American Dietetic Association and Vermont Dietetic Association and continue active membership throughout their professional careers.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Delaney Acciaioli , Reem Bou-Nacklie
Advisor: Lizzy Pope

Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services (SLS) is a student-run organization, funded by the Student Government Association, which aids students on campus with legal problems.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Jason Giniger , Brandon Tracy    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Pat Brown

Student Nurses' Association

The Student Nurses' Association (SNA) is UVM's chapter of the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA). SNA provides a pre-professional organization that supports nursing students as they complete their education and prepare for their career.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Aileen Heney , Angela Thomas
Advisor: Teresa Cahill-Griffin

Student Veteran's Organization

We are veterans and veteran supporters who are all students here at UVM. We provide camaraderie and a support system for one another, disseminate information to one another and volunteer for the betterment of our community.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Michelle Caver , Lance Van Vogelpoel
Advisor: Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne

Students For Justice in Palestince

SJP-UVM is a student organization that acts in solidarity with Palestinians in their cause for liberation from occupation. We spread awareness of Palestinian culture and history, and communicate their struggle for freedom.

More Information:
Contacts: Alexander Smith , Anna Shea
Advisor: Helen Scott


We are a Co-Ed competitive swim club. We compete against several other clubs in the Northeast and train for a National competition in the Spring.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Jacqueline Foley , Emma Hoyt    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Gerry Cournoyer

Table Tennis

UVM Table Tennis Club will have regular training sessions and monthly competitions to help students learn, practice, and exchange their experiences.

More Information:
Contacts: Mi Tian , Ruijun Li
Advisor: Emma Swift

Taekwondo Club

The UVM Taekwondo Club is a student organization dedicated to the practice and promotion of the Korean martial art of Taekwondo. UVM TKD is a fully sanctioned Taekwondo school with a certified master instructor and a staff of professional instructors.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Jared Benson , Katy Czar
Advisor: Adam Shafritz


We are the UVM Taiko Club. Come join us! We currently practice twice a week, Wednesdays 8-10PM & Saturdays 12-2PM at L/L CM 315.

More Information:
Contacts: Ian Lake , Cassie Wolff
Advisor: Kyle Ikeda

Tennis Club Team

UVM's Club Tennis Team is a co-ed, competitive, traveling team on our campus. It is made up of 8-10 girls and 8-10 guys each year. We participate in different tournaments throughout New England and go to the annual USTA Campus Championships.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: George Bull , Ben Brown
Advisor: Pablo Bose

The Natural Philosopher

The Natural Philosopher is UVM's only science news publication, dedicated to making the frontiers of science research accessible to all students, improving scientific writing and engaging in the UVM community.

More Information:
Contacts: Harriet Milligan , Avery St. Sauveur
Advisor: Alexander Wurthmann

Top Cats

The UVM Top Cats are UVM's only all male A-Capella ensemble. The group's inception dates back to 1981, and is one of UVM's most widely recognized clubs, their presence becoming one of the staples of the UVM experience. The group is highly exclusive and small in numbers (9-14 members a semester), and they perform regularly in the UVM and greater Burlington communities, as well as up and down the entirety of the east coast.

More Information:The Lynx | Website
Contacts: Jason Pieroni , Zebariah Hathaway
Advisor: Kerry Castano


The Triathlon Club is group of athletes who share a mutual love for sports, competition, and having fun. The Triathlon Team participates in races in the fall, traveling throughout the East Coast. All members share a common love for exercise.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Kaitlin Huber , Rachel Boisclair
Advisor: Dwight Mathews

Turning Point USA

Turning Point USA at the University of Vermont educates students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government. If you love capitalism, freedom, limited government, and free markets, this club is for you!

More Information:
Contacts: David Chong , Jim Simpson
Advisor: Arthur Woolf

Unidos Por Ecuador

The UVM Intag Solidarity Group stands in solidarity with the Intag region of Ecuador as they fight against an open pit copper mine that is being proposed there. The group works to spread awareness and promote economic alternatives of the region as well.

More Information:
Contacts: Eamon Callahan , Caelyn Radziunas

University Players

We are UVM's residential theatre club! Come join us as we work on full shows as well as improvisational exercises, festivals that showcase your writing/directing/performance/technical skills, and introduce you to a whole variety of creative people!

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Jimmy Hayden , Katie Thorpe
Advisor: Jeff Modereger

UVM Bikes!

UVM Bikes strives to increase bike accessibility, knowledge, and infrastructure for the shared benefit of our physical and environmental health. Check out our free bikeshare program + bicycle education center in the basement of Hils!

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Connor Smith , Madi Long    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Jim Barr


UVMtv is a student run television station which offers numerous opportunities to get involved including: writing, directing, producing shows, editing, anchoring, technical training, and business opportunities with advertising capabilities.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: David Gabel , Rachel Malstrom    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Chris Evans

Vantage Point

Vantage Point is UVM's Visual and Literary Creative Arts Journal. VP favors no form or content above any other; it is simply a journal of art that thinks. Our goal is to stimulate and support a creative community on campus.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Caroline Shea , Ali Wood    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Stephen Cramer

VIA- Adaptive Sports

Adaptive Sports works with Vermont Adaptive Ski and sports (VASS), the Northeast Disabled Athletes Association (NDAA) and Vermont Special Olympics, and provide Volunteers to work with children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities in a recreational setting.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Rebecca Ryan , Sara Fergus    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Laura Megivern

VIA- Animal Rescue

We're working towards erasing our stigma about rescue animals. We work directly with local rescue shelters and other organizations, volunteering and raising awareness for our cause.

More Information:
Contacts: Daisy Navin , Kahlia Gonzales
Advisor: Laura Megivern


Welcome to Volunteers in Action, UVM's largest student-run volunteer community. VIA is the umbrella organization that coordinates all of the volunteer clubs on campus.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Emma Sullivan , Nicole Lewis    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Laura Megivern

VIA- Alternative Spring Break

A great opportunity to do some good and meet some amazing people over spring break! This year ASB plans to send 15 trips throughout the country to complete a week of service in an area of need.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Caitlin Beaudet , Olivia Harris    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Laura Megivern

VIA-Big Buddies

The goal of Big Buddies is to match UVM students with underprivileged children from the Integrated Arts Academy for a 1 on 1 mentoring relationship. Mentors become positive, stable role models for their mentees and have a fun time doing it.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Valerie Koch , Caitlyn Johnson    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Laura Megivern

VIA- Council

Welcome to Volunteers in Action, UVM's largest student-run volunteer community. VIA is the umbrella organization that coordinates all of the volunteer clubs on campus.

More Information:
Contacts: Olivia Harris , Caitlyn Johnson    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Laura Megivern


DREAM is a Vermont youth mentoring organization. We build communities of families and college students that empower children from affordable housing neighborhoods to recognize their options, make informed decisions, and achieve their dreams.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Ryan Platt , Alex Swetland    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Laura Megivern

VIA- DREAM Riverside

DREAM Riverside is a mentoring organization that pairs up college students with children living in the Riverside affordable housing community. Every Friday we do activities with our mentee's ranging from apple picking to bowling.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Sarah Knakal , Isabel Kennedy    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Laura Megivern

VIA- DREAM Salmon Run

DREAM Salmon Run is a mentoring program that works with children aged 5-18 in a subsidized housing community in Burlington.

More Information:
Contacts: Meaghan Frank , Kendall Eppley
Advisor: Laura Megivern


Volunteers teach reading and writing skills to immigrant youth in Burlington schools, and help ease their transition into a new community and society.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Celia Goodyear , Elora McCuddy    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Laura Megivern

VIA-Food Salvage

The Food Salvage program provides a healthy meal to hungry people in the Burlington community every Sunday evening. Created in response to the absence of Salvation Army dinners on Sundays, the program usually serves about 120 people per week.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Theresa Henckel , Megna Senthilnathan    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Laura Megivern


The Vermont Student Environmental Program (VSTEP) is an organization of concerned individuals dedicated to coordinating environmental activities on the UVM campus. VSTEP's goals are to increase student awareness of prevalent environmental issues, and to promote and help institute sustainable university policies in order to maintain a socially- and environmentally-responsible institution.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Katherine Helmer , Caroline Gilman
Advisor: Erica Spiegel

Water Polo

We are a water polo team that competes in the North Atlantic Conference of the Collegiate Water Polo Association and and attend tournaments throughout New England.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Kaleigh Dolan , Lauren Lepeak
Advisor: Gerry Cournoyer

Water Tower

The Water Tower is UVM's bi-weekly student newsmag. Our articles employ satire, cynicism, and humor to cover topics including campus trends, national news, social criticism, and whatever else students have to say.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook | Twitter
Contacts: Esther Rosen , Cullen Hairston    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Todd McGowan

Wildlife & Fisheries Society

The mission of the Wildlife and Fisheries Society is to help students in wildlife or fisheries sciences pursue interests on a professional level through events, conferences, guest lectures, fieldwork, volunteering, and networking.

More Information:The Lynx | Website | Facebook
Contacts: Kevin Ostrander , Elizabeth Kaufmann
Advisor: James Murdoch

Women in Business

The purpose of the UVM Women in Business Club at the Grossman School of Business Women is to build a lifelong community of women who work together to achieve their personal and professional goals through mentoring, support. The club is open to all.

More Information:| Website | Facebook
Contacts: Emily Flaherty , Madison Tiedt
Advisor: Joanne Pencak

Womyn of Color Coalition

The Women of Color Coalition at the Universiy of vermont seeks to empower, unite, and encourage professional/personal growth for those who itdentify as women of color including, but not limited to faculty, staff, and students.

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Contacts: Rushawna T May , Akilah Ho-Young
Advisor: Erin Baker

Women's Club Basketball

UVM Women's Club Basketball is a competitive team that travels around the Northeast playing club teams, community colleges and women's leagues. The team is geared toward those looking for a higher level of play, greater commitment, and a longer season than intramural basketball offers.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Carolyn Snell , Fleur Diambou
Advisor: Yolanda Jordan

Women's Club Ice Hockey

Women's club ice hockey is in its 8th year of existence. We compete in the ACHA women's Division 1. This is the highest level of play without being varsity NCAA status. Women's club hockey serves to provide a competitive play environment for students.

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Contacts: Alison Davis , Abby Montouri
Advisor: Keith Nagle

Women's Club Lacrosse

Women’s Club Lacrosse is a team for skilled lacrosse players. Founded in 2000, the club is well organized, and highly competitive. We are part of the NEWLL league of the WCLA division of US Lacrosse, which includes Brown, UConn, UMass, BC, Coast Guard, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Dartmouth, Maine, Tufts, URI, Sacred Heart, and Northeastern. We play year round 3-4 times a week, and our primary season is in the Spring.

More Information:The Lynx | Website
Contacts: Riley Burke , Eva Hoskin
Advisor: Kelly Becker

Women's Soccer

We aim to give girls the opportunity to play competitive soccer at the college level, but with school being the number one priority. We travel to many colleges and universities throughout New England and aim to go to regionals and nationals annually.

More Information:The Lynx | Facebook
Contacts: Julia Coleman
Advisor: Joan Rosebush

Women's Rugby Football Club

This team was established to learn and play the game of rugby and to provide high level physical conditioning, while learning good sportsmanship as well as developing a good sense of camaraderie.

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Contacts: Lucy Zendzian , Christina McLaughlin
Advisor: Ting Tan

Women's Ultimate Frisbee

We are a club Women's Ultimate Frisbee team, named Ruckus. We are open to any one who would like to play, no matter of year or skill level - just a desire to learn. We are dedicated to teaching ultimate and encouraging the 'spirit of the game'.

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Contacts: Mariz Mangundayo    Club E-mail:
Advisor: John Abbott

Women's Volleyball

The Women's Club Volleyball team is the only competitive women's volleyball organization on Campus. We are a student-led team that focuses on improving our skill level as individuals and as a team.

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Contacts: Claire Greenlaw , Madison Burliss
Advisor: Erica Caloiero

Woodsmens Team

The UVM Woodsmen team competes in collegiate timbersport events across the Northeast and the Stihl collegiate qualifier in the spring.

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Contacts: Matthew Mills , michael chambers
Advisor: Anthony D'Amato

Wrestling Club

We are in our sixth season this year and couldn't be more thrilled for next season. In our few short years as a club we have accomplished a lot such as sending all-american Adam Roberts, Bobby Worley,Brian Hammel, and Zach Shellabarger to nationals.

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Contacts: Henry Brandeis
Advisor: Declan Connolly

WRUV-FM Burlington

WRUV is the University of Vermont's free-format community and educational radio station. We are located on the first floor of the Davis Center and strive to provide UVM and the Burlington community with alternative listening.

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Contacts: Corey Pettengill , Rachel O'Neill    Club E-mail:
Advisor: Chris Evans

ZEST A Cappella

UVM's youngest co-ed a cappella group focuses on building community through music. We audition at the beginning of every semester and are excited to welcome as many people as we can into our group.

More Information:The Lynx
Contacts: Sophie Leff , Tim Heffernan
Advisor: Adler Chris