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Service Provider Resources

Working Together

Would you like to share information, workshops or opportunities with new farmers?

Let us know!

We’ll help you reach new farmers through our website, blog, e-list, Facebook & Twitter.

This section hosts resources for New Farmer Project coaches and any other agricultural service providers who are working with beginning farmers.

Quick Guides

Here you'll find "at-a-glance" information about resources for beginning farmers in Vermont and nearby states. Download them and print them off for your own reference, and to share with others. Go to the "Quick Guides" page.

Coaching Resources

Go to the Coaching Resources page to download the New Farmer Project's Learning Plan Template and Skill Assessment sheet.

Selling in the Food System Workshop Materials

Selling in the Food System was a full day workshop designed to improve marketing technical assistance to New Farmers. Visit the Selling in the Food System archive to view and download the agenda and presentation slide decks.

Project Partner Reporting Form

For project partners to report activities and impacts. Project Partner Reporting Form.

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