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617 Comstock Rd., Berlin, VT 05602

If you are interested in starting or expanding a farm or ag-related business, the Women’s Agricultural Network
(WAgN) is here to help you. While WAgN programs are designed to meet the learning needs and preferences of women, our services are open to everyone.

From hatching an idea through the final implementation phases, WAgN offers a wide range of educational opportunities
that address the needs of individuals at all stages of their business development. Classes and workshops are held at various locations around the state at times convenient for busy adults.

Additionally, WAgN works with many partner organizations and agencies to ensure timely and accurate information gets to clients.


WAgN's works to increase the number of women owning and operating profitable farms and ag-related businesses.

We provide education, technical assistance and networking opportunities to people individual interested in starting or expanding their agricultural endeavors. All our learning opportunities take place in a supportive environment that is friendly and encouraging.

In Person and Online Learning Opportunities for Beginning Farmers

Combining informed decision-making with sound business management practices is central to all of WAgN's offerings. Generally, our educational opportunities fall into three categories: courses, workshops, and learning circles.

Classes and Courses are usually more than four hours long and are scheduled over a period of several weeks. Topics are usually broader and address business planning and feasibility. We offer courses in both traditional classroom settings and in online formats. Our face-to-face classes are offered at locations around the state. Courses we offer regularly include Growing Places and Taking Stock. Most of our courses feature farmers, lenders, and other specialists as guest speakers.

Workshops are usually 4 hours or less and take place in a single day. They tend to focus on a specific skill and we try very hard to make them as hands' on as possible. Very often workshops take place on farms and feature farmers as co-presenters. Sometimes workshop topics are addressed online.

Webinars (short for web-based seminar) are usually 60 or 75-minute resentatiosn, workshops or meetings that are transmitted over the web so you can “attend” without physically leaving home. Just like face-to-face education, webinars offer opportunities for people to learn, ask questions and share experiences and ideas with others. Additionally, our webinars are recorded, so you can view them later when it's convenient for you.

Learning circles are more casual and generally take the form of a small group discussion around a particular topic of interest such as packaging and labeling, or time management, or organizing your home office. Depending on the topic there may be a guest speaker to help guide the discussion. If you have ideas for topics or would like to explore starting a learning circle in your area contact WAgN for tips on getting started.


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