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Basic Soil Health and Soil Testing. (August 2010)

Healthy soils are the cornerstone of a productive and sustainable farm. Join Dr. Heather Darby, UVM Extension Agronomist and Soil Specialist, to learn the art of managing soils to promote crop productivity while protecting the environment. She will discuss how to maintain or build healthy soils and soil testing for nutrients and overall health. Heather has a diverse outreach and applied research program including work on specialty grains, oilseed crops, forage, and soil health and nutrient management. Heather also operates a diversified farm in Alburgh, VT.

Cold Storage Options For Beginning Produce Farmers (October 2013)

Vermont's food systems are experiencing increased localization, value addition, diversification, extension of growing season and increased market demand. Growers are now seeing enhanced value in storing and marketing their produce year-round. Crop storage can be costly and the construction and operation of an efficient and well-designed system is essential to a farm's profitability in winter and early spring markets. Chris Callahan, UVM Extension Ag Engineer will present on biological processes of crops in storage, storage characteristics of various crops, and sizing and design considerations of storage systems. The presentation will include the basics of heating and refrigeration and construction for utility and efficiency (including manufactured boxes, DIY construction, and CoolBots. The webinar is tailored for new and aspiring farmers. Download the Cold Storage Options for Beginning Produce farmers presentation slides.

Intro to Common Insect Pests and Their Management on the Vermont Vegetable Farm (June 2012)

Learn how to recognize common Vermont insect pests of vegetables and local natural enemies from UVM Extension Entomologist Margaret Skinner. Skinner combines research on biological control with outreach to growers and the public on IPM (integrated pest management) education and awareness for many key insect pests of the Northeast. She coordinates educational programs for growers on greenhouse IPM in ME, NH and VT, and identifies insects for the UVM Plant Diagnostic Laboratory, the Master Gardener program, and the public. She will share information to help you develop strategies for identifying and managing your pest problems. PDF of the Powerpoint Presentation.

Integrated Pest Management worksheets are referenced in the presentation and are useful in creating an effective strategy for managing pests on the farm. The are available as a PDF Version, and an editable MS Word version.

Intro to Plant Disease (June 2010)

Many of us walk into the field or greenhouse and are stumped by what we see.  Is it insect damage, nutrient deficiency, plant disease, or something else? Join Ann Hazelrigg, director of the Plant Diagnostic Clinic at the University of Vermont, to learn to identify common plant diseases and learn strategies for managing them. Ann has degrees in Plant Pathology and Pomology from Colorado State University and Cornell. She will share her extensive collection of pictures for identification and her wide breadth of knowledge on plant disease. Bring your questions and on-the-ground experience to share.

*NEW*Intro to Shiitake Mushroom Production (February 2014)

Presented by Ben Waterman, mushroom grower and coordinator for the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education funded project, "Cultivation of shiitake mushrooms as an agroforesty crop for New England."

You can also download the free 56-page Best Management Practices for Log-Based Shiitake Cultivation in the Northeastern United States guide.


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UVM Plant Diagnostic Clinic

The UVM Plant Diagnostic Clinic aids Vermont greenhouses, farms and orchards by assisting in the identification and control of pests and diseases. The site provides information on pest and disease identification and management, and includes forms and directions for submitting samples to the laboratory for analysis.

Vermont Vegetable and Berry Grower Page

Chock full of resources for berry and vegetable growers, this site offers information and educational materials about all aspects of produce production and marketing.


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