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Farm Safety Information for New Farmers

Booklets & Fact Sheets

Agritourism Safety Manual. Agritourism enterprises offer farmers opportunities to diversify and increase their income. Opening the farm to these new opportunities, however, also introduces new risks and legal obligations. This manual outlines guidelines, resources and tools for protecting the safety, health and well being of individuals visiting farms, as well as the farm owners and farm animals that are impacted by agritourism. Published by the Northeast Kingdom Travel and Tourism Association, this guide has been created to assist farm owners in the evaluation of their operation in preparation to safely host agritourists.

Check Lists

UVM Extension and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture's VT Farm Safety Project created a series of checklist you can use to help keep everyone safe on your farm.

Crop Feed Storage Safety Check List
Farm Building Safety Checklist
General Farm Safety Checklist
Livestock Facilities Safety Checklist
Protective Equipment Checklist

Fact Sheets

Protect Yourself from the Sun
Working Outdoors in Cold Weather
Be Wary of Skid-Steer Loaders
Protect Your Hearing on the Job
Know the Dangers of a PTO
Proper Lifting to Prevent Back Injuries


Farm Emergency Phone Numbers (Template). Use this handy template to create a list of all the important numbers you want to have on hand in case of a farm emergency. Print, fill out and hang by your phone in your farmstand, barn and/or house. Download the PDF of the Farm Emergency Phone Number Template or MS Word version.


Chainsaw Safety Workshop. This link takes you to a YouTube video clip of a Chainsaw Safety Training held in May, 2010 in Montpelier, VT. The clipgives you an idea of what the Women's Agricultural Network (WAgN) and Vermont New Farmer Project chainsaw safety trainings are like.


Farm Safety for the Growing Season. Start the season off with some simple tips to keep you and your family safe on the farm this season. Alex Jump, Farm Safety Outreach Educator for UVM Extension, shares her knowledge about common risks on farms and measures you can take to avoid accident and injury.


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