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Cheese Making Course- Essential Principles

Oct 9, 2017
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Norwich Creamery, 723 Turnpike Rd, Norwich, VT

COST: $1,800.00 for the course; housing accommodations at Norwich Farm $50.00 per night
Facilitators: Chris Gray & Montserrat Almena-Aliste, Ph.D.

This five-day training is a practical and comprehensive technical guide to cheese technology and the principles governing the quality of cheese. During this intensive, participants will learn the fundamentals of cheese making, quality control practices, and useful considerations in starting a small-scale cheese making business. The first section focuses on the chemistry of milk and the differentaspects defining the quality of cheese making milk. The second part describes the principles of cheese making and the different families of cheese and also includes comprehensive hands-on demonstrations in making three different cheese styles: a fresh acid-coagulated soft cheese, a bloomy rindvariety, and a semi-hard cheese. The last section of the training focuses on how to monitor and control the fundamental factors driving the quality of the product.
CONTACT: See more information at , register at , or contact(802) 728-1525 or with any questions.