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Online Self Assessments and Follow-Up Consultations

Our online coach will help you create an individualized learning plan to help you grow your farm business.

The New Farmer Project online coach will lead you through a series of questions about your current farm operation or plans for a farm and interests. It will help you assess your strengths and identify areas that are challenging for you.

The coach will then create recommendations for a personalized farm learning plan to help you meet your goals. Based on the information you provide, the plan will identify priorities for building your skills and knowledge. The coach will offer suggestions for informational materials (such as fact sheets, videos and books) and educational opportunities (such as courses, workshops and webinars) and referrals programs that can help you succeed. You'll be able to come back to the coach with new questions that emerge as your knowledge, experience and farm operation grows.

Visit the New Farmer Online Coach.

We invite you to contact us for additional personal coaching. Send us an email at or call 802-223-2389. Please save the coach's recommendations so that attach them to the email, or have them at hand when you give us a call.



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