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Welcome! You've found your access point to all the organizations, services, and educational opportunities for Vermont's new and aspiring farmers. We strive to keep our information current, comprehensive and easy to use.

We're here to help you connect with online and on-the-ground resources that will help you start and grow your farm business.
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Disease & Pest Help

— The UVM Plant Diagnostic Clinic aids Vermont's commercial greenhouses, farms and orchards by assisting in the identification and management of diseases, pests and weeds. Recommendations are based on integrated pest management principles (IPM). Learn more.


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Marketing 201

— In parts of Vermont, local food markets are mature and competition is high. Marketing consultant Rose Wilson discusses characteristics of mature markets and strategies for thriving in these challenging conditions. Staying Competitive in Mature Markets.

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Our Growing Places course will help get your enterprise off to the right start. Participants define goals, evaluate opportunities and resources, and become familiar with state and federal agriculture programs. Registration is open for 2018. Learn more.

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