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"The Humanities should constitute the core of any university worth the name."
- Terry Eagleton

The Humanities Center

In our research, creative output, and teaching, UVM’s faculty, students, and alumni demonstrate the relevance of the humanities and fine arts in the ongoing construction of a just and democratic society. We believe strongly that a central mission of the humanities and fine arts is to create a thoughtful, creative, and engaged citizenry willing and able to participate in meaningful public dialogue.

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Road to Ruins

Soot-blackened brick and rusted girders, a cavernous industrial space that for decades has been appealing only to damp pigeons and brazen graffiti artists, Burlington’s defunct Moran Power Plant still endures along the city’s revitalized waterfront.

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Randall Harp


Critical Questions of Choice

Imagine that you’ve lost your hard drive. Argh. There goes your term paper or perhaps those beach photos. Now jump forward into a foreseeable future and imagine that you’ve lost a hard drive — that’s wired into your brain and links out to the Cloud. There goes…what? Your memories? Your transhuman app for doing calculus ...

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Panel of Food Experts to Talk Cooking, Writing and American Culture March 31

“Once upon a time,” a food writer recently lamented, “food was about where you came from. Now, for many of us, it is about where we want to go – about who we want to be, how we choose to live.” For better or worse, the kitchen and the table have become sites of intense scrutiny — and food writing, in a profusion of ...

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