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The University of Vermont offers a limited number of Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships. These positions generally offer tuition support from the University. We recommend that you contact your Graduate Program Coordinator/Director for more information about the availability of these assistantships.

If you are not receiving tuition support from the University, the tuition rates page will help you budget for your education. Please note that these rates are for the current academic year, and students should anticipate an annual increase in tuition and fees.

Helpful Resources as you plan your finances for graduate school

Federal loans are the primary source of financial assistance for graduate students. Below are some helpful links with information about student loans and other financial resources you can use to fund your graduate education.


Fellowship and Assistantship information can be obtained by contacting the department directly.

Tuition scholarships accompanying Graduate Teaching or Research Assistantships do not cover audits or physical education activity courses, nor do they cover courses numbered below 200 or 200-level courses not approved for graduate credit, except upon prior approval of the Dean of the Graduate College. Read more

Position Descriptions, Stipend Rates and Details

Position Descriptions:

Graduate Assistant (GA): Graduate Assistantships are positions held within the university where students are supported from a source external from the college. Typical sources are research grants or Division of Student Affairs.

Graduate Teaching or Research Assistant (GTA or GRA): GTAs and GRAs are teaching and/ or research assignments allocated by various departments and programs who are offering graduate work.


(Effective for the 2016-2017 Academic Year)

Stipend Rate The minimum 9-month stipend is $16,000 for Master's students and $18,750 for doctoral students. The minimum 12-month stipend is $21,333 for Master's students and $25,000 for doctoral students.
Enrollment Full-time GAs/GTAs/GRAs are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits per semester. Half-time assistants  are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 5 credits per semester.
Tuition Scholarship Full-time GAs/GTAs/GRAs are eligible to have 9 credits paid for per semester, while half-time assistants are eligible to have 6 credits paid for per semester.
Hours Per Week Full-time GAs/GTAs/GRAs assignments require 20 hours of effort per week, while half-time assignments require 10 hours of effort per week.
How to Apply Please contact the department you are enrolled in to inquire about available positions.



For more information or help, please contact the Graduate College at:

The Graduate College Dean's Office
The University of Vermont
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Telephone: (802) 656-3160
Fax: (802) 656-0519
E-mail: gradcoll@uvm.edu