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Transferring the Farm Virtual Workshop

About this Workshop

Since 1990, University of Vermont Extension and its partners have been offering the Transferring the Farm workshop at sites throughout New England. More than 1300 farmers and service providers have attended these 40+ workshops. To reach additional farm families who have not yet been able to attend the workshop and as a refresher to those that have, we have developed this virtual workshop!

Each section of the virtual workshop includes some basic information on the topic addressed, a video clip(s), and/or further resources.

Workshop Agenda


The Transferring the Farm workshop series was originally received funding from the Northeast Center for Risk Management Education and this virtual workshop was supported thorugh funding from the USDA Risk Management Agency.



We thank the following individuals and organizations for their collaboration on the in-person Transferring the Farm workshops over the years:

  • Mike Sciabarrasi, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension
  • Gary Anderson, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
  • Norm Bender and Joe Bonelli, University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension
  • Dave Gott, LICSW, Family Farm Consultant, Heath, MA
  • Kathy Ruhf, Land For Good
  • Maine FarmLink
  • University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension


Please let us know if you have questions about transferring the farm. Bob Parsons, UVM Extension agricultural economist, has spearheaded this effort. He can be reached at Debra Heleba, UVM Extension, has developed the virtual workshop and can be reached at

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