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Coaching Ourselves at UVM

Coaching Ourselves is a peer-coaching model focusing on supervisory development. This model utilizes an innovative approach to supervisory training by bringing small groups of supervisors together with a trained facilitator for discussion of supervisory topics.


Eligibility: This program is open to UVM employees who currently have supervisory responsibilities as part of their role on campus.

How it works: Using your own experiences and the discussion guides provided by Coaching Ourselves, you will meet with five of your colleagues. Each session, led by a trained facilitator, will involve a mixture of self-reflection and small group discussion. The sessions allow each member of the group to share her/his supervisory experiences as related to the topic.

Time Commitment: The groups meet five times. Each session is 90 minutes in length, with the exception of the first and final sessions. There is no required work before or after the session.

Discussion Topics:

  • Session #1: Introduction to Coaching Ourselves Model and getting to know your cohort
  • Session #2: Managing Time and Energy
  • Session #3: Dealing with the Pressures of Managing
  • Session #4: Leading Change in Difficult Times
  • Session #5: Engagement: Beyond Buy-In and program closing

How to Apply: Those interested in this program should send us an e-mail.

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