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Excel 2016 Certificate Program

Excel Certificate Program

This Certificate Program offers eligible employees the ability to earn a certificate that proves they've completed the requirements necessary with a demonstrated level of proficiency in Excel. Information for the 2018 Excel certificate program will be announced Fall, 2017.


Eligibility: All UVM Staff and Faculty who register for and attend the Professional Development & Training classes outlined below.

Certification Requirements

  • Completion of either OPTION 1 or OPTION 2 as described below
  • Completion, with a passing grade of 85% or higher, of the program’s final exam
  • All classes must be taken on the same version of the software. Professional Development & Training is currently conducting classes using Office 2016.

Option 1: Participants must attend all 10 Excel classes and pass the program’s final exam with a grade of 85% or higher.

The 10 Program classes are:

  • Excel – Basics Part 1 (CPT055)
  • Excel – Basics Part 2 (CPT056)
  • Excel – Basics Part 3 (CPT057)
  • Excel – Intermediate (CPT058)
  • Excel – Formulas Basics (CPT059)
  • Excel – Formulas Intermediate Part 1 (CPT060)
  • Excel – Formulas Intermediate Part 2 (CPT068)
  • Excel – Macros Basics (CPT061)
  • Excel – Pivot Tables Basics (CPT062)
  • Excel – Pivot Tables Advanced (CPT069)

Option 2: Participants can test out of the three basics classes (Excel – Basics Part 1, Excel – Basics Part 2, and Excel – Basics Part 3), but must attend the remaining 7 Excel classes. Participants who select OPTION 2 must also pass the Excel final exam with a grade of 85% or higher.


Final Exam (CPT052): An exam will be administered by Professional Development & Training after all 10 Excel classes have been conducted. The final exam must be taken in person and will not be offered online. A passing grade of 85% or higher is required to receive a certificate.

Excel Basics Test-Out Exam(CPT047): Participants who feel they have a sufficient base knowledge of Excel 2016 can opt to take the Professional Development & Training test-out exam. A passing grade of 85% or higher is required to test out of the three basic-level Excel classes (CPT055, CPT056, and CPT057).

NOTE: If you require accommodations for test-taking, please contact Professional Development & Training at (802) 656-5800 or email with your requests.

Certificate Earned

Participants who complete the course requirements (either OPTION 1 or OPTION 2) and pass the final exam with a grade of 85% or higher will receive an Excel Certificate of Completion. Note that this is not a Microsoft provided certificate. It is a certificate of completion provided by Professional Development & Training at The University of Vermont.


A list of frequently asked questions can be found here. If you still have questions after reading this page, send us an e-mail.

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