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Frequently Asked Questions - Preventing Sexual Harassment and Bias Training

Can this be done on line?


Is it required?

Yes, all University employees hired after October 2012 are required to attend one session as part of UVM’s legal responsibilities under federal law and in accordance with Title IX.

What if I cannot attend the session I have been scheduled for?

Please contact to reschedule.

Why hasn't this been required in the past?

This training has always been required. This in person training replaced the previously available online training.

How do I know if my supervisee has gone to this training?

You can find this information by logging into PeopleSoft and reviewing your employee’s training record. Instructions can be found in this document.

Will there be more trainings? When will others be scheduled?

Classes are scheduled once yearly in the spring. A complete listing of available sessions can be found in PeopleSoft by searching course code NEO002.

What is the time frame that an employee has to take this class once employed by UVM?  

New employees are scheduled for this session automatically during the new employee onboarding process. Most employees complete this requirement within their first month of employment.

Do I have to pay my temporary employee to attend this training?

Yes. According to federal employment law, you are required to pay your employees for all hours worked. This session is considered part of a person’s work responsibilities and is therefore compensable under the law.


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