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Adding Media to Blackboard

(Note: If you are still using the older "Media Manager," be aware that there is a newer system and the Media Manager will eventually be closed. (Instructions for the Media Manager are linked at the bottom of this page.)

We now recommend UVM Streaming Media for hosting your media and embedding in Blackboard.

» Instructions for UVM Streaming Media (including adding/embedding to Blackboard)
» Go directly to UVM Streaming Media

Why not just upload media into Blackboard?
Since media files are usually large, they should not be uploaded directly to a course; doing so can make your course backups less stable. Instead, they should be uploaded to the Streaming Media website linked from (or embedded in) Blackboard.

» Instructions for Media Manager (older system)

Instructions on using the Media Manager and for linking to your files in Blackboard are detailed below (or link to printable page):

1) Uploading files to the Media Manager

To upload files to the Media Manager:
  1. Preferably using the Firefox browser, go to this link
    and log in with your UVM NetID.
  2. Click "Upload file to podcast folder"
  3. Click "Add Files" to browse to the file on your computer and click "open"
    Maximum file size 1 GB
    NOTE: acceptable file types are:
  4. Once one or more files are in the queue, click "Start Upload" When the upload is complete you will see 100% on the lower right status bar.
  5. Now, close this window by clicking the "X"
  6. Next, from the list of media in your folder, click on the file you just uploaded.
  7. If you like, Enter a name and description.
  8. To link to the file, click "Show Link" and copy the URL that appears. To embed the media in a webpage, click "show preferred embed code"
  9. When done, click "Save and Close"
To manage files in Media Manager
  • If needed, you can organize your media file into folders by clicking the "create new folder" button.
  • Once files have been uploaded, they can be dragged into different folders
  • File names and descriptions can be edited by clicking on the file name
  • To delete files or folders, drag them to the trash can icon

2) Displaying media in a Blackboard course

Once the file is uploaded, the Media Manager provides the code to create a link to the file or to embed the file within a media player directly in your course.

To embed the media (so it can be viewed within the course page):
  1. In the Media Manager, click on the file name
  2. At the bottom of the pop up window, click "Show Embed Code"
  3. Copy the code that is provided
  4. Go to your Blackboard content area page (with Edit Mode "on")
  5. Click "Build Content," choose "Item," and fill in the title of the media, e.g. "Lecture 1"
  6. BEFORE you paste the "embed code" into the text area, you must "toggle to the HTML view" (See image below)Toggle HTML
  7. Once you click on the toggle button, you may see a small amount of HTML code. You may delete it and paste the "embed code" you've copied into that window.
  8. Click "Submit"

NOTE: if you want to include more than one media file on the same Blackboard page, you must create a new item for each one.

To create a link to the media:
  1. In the Media Manager, click the file title. In the pop up window, you may want to now give your file a readable name and short description, because these fields will be displayed when your media is being played.
  2. Then click "show link" and copy the link provided
  3. In the Blackboard course, open a Content Area page and under "Build Content," choose URL.
  4. Give the link a name, e.g. "Lecture One", and below that, paste in the URL that you've just copied from the Media Manager site. Description of file is optional.

    It is recommended that you select the option to "Open in New Window" and then click "Submit"
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