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Modeling and Analyzing Flow History of the Winooski River

We are using USGS flow records and National Weather Service precipitation data to understand how the inputs and outputs of water in the Winooski River basin have changed over the past century. This data analysis provides the datasets for collaborators in Civil and Environmental Engineering to build models that have the potential to reproduce past flows and thus predict future flows under changing climate and land-use conditions. We are also doing land-use analysis using historic and ground-level aerial photographs.
Project Support
Funding support from Vermont EPSCoR
People Working on this Project
Paul Bierman
Lance Besaw
Will Hackett
Donna Rizzo
Jamie Russell
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Abstracts Related to this Project

Hackett, W.R., Bierman, P. R., Rizzo, D.M. and Besaw, L.E., 2009, Increasing precipitation and runoff interact with land use change over the last 70 years in the Winooski River basin, northern Vermont, WRCC annual meeting, Amherst, Massachusetts (download pdf)

Besaw, L.E., Rizzo, D.M., Bierman, P., and Hackett, W.R., 2008, Daily streamflow forecasting with Artificial Neural Networks: Application in the Winooski River basin, Vermont: EOS Transactions of the American Geophysical Union. (download pdf)

Hackett, W.R., Bierman, P.R., Rizzo, D.M., and Besaw, L.E., 2008, Increasing precipitation and runoff over the last 70 years, the Winooski River basin, Vermont: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, p. 301-1. (download pdf)

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