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Fort Carson Pediment Surfaces

Fort Carson sits at the base of the Colorado Front Range and is used extensively for dry-land training activities including maneuvers by wheeled and tracked vehicles. Many of these activities take place on alluviated pediment surfaces where meters of sand, gravel and clay over lie beveled and weak shale units. At Carson, we have sampled pediment cover sediments of varying relative ages in an attempt to determine the long-term stability of these surfaces.
Project Support
DOD DEPSCOR- Erosion and Sedimentation Extreme Environments: DAAD19-03-1-0205
Proposal Project Summary (download pdf)
People Working on this Project
Paul Bierman
Jennifer Larsen
Ari Matmon
Kyle Nichols
Luke Reusser
Abstracts Related to this Project

Nichols, K.K., Bierman, P., and Matmon, A., 2007, Deconvolving semi-arid landscape histories: Insights from cosmogenic nuclides: Quaternary International, v. 167 - 168, p. 305. (download pdf)

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