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Colorado Front Range, River Incision Rates and Moraine Ages

We worked with Taylor Schildgen, a Williams College undergraduate at the time, to prepare and process samples from fill terraces in Boulder Canyon on the Colorado Front Range and several Colorado moraines. These data were used to estimate terrace ages and incision rates.
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People Working on this Project
Paul Bierman
Marc Caffee
David Dethier
Jennifer Larsen
Taylor Schildgen
Publications Related to this Project

Riihimaki, C.A., Anderson, R.S., Safran, E.B., Dethier, D.P., Finkel, R.C., and Bierman, P.R., 2006, Longevity and progressive abandonment of the Rocky Flats surface, Front Range, Colorado: Geomorphology, v. 78, p. 265-278. (download pdf)

Schildgen, T., Dethier, D., Bierman, P.R., and Caffee, M., 2002, 26Al and 10Be dating of late Pleistocene fill terraces: A record of glacial and non-glacial fluvial deposition and incision, Colorado Front Ranges and Landforms: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, v. 27, p. 773-787. (download pdf)
Abstracts Related to this Project

Dethier, D.P., Schildgen, T.F., Bierman, P.R., and Caffee, M.W., 2000, The cosmogenic isotope record of late Pleistocene incision, Boulder Canyon, Colorado: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 32, p. A-473. (download pdf)

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