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Australian Inselbergs

Australia is, for the most part, a tectonically stable continent. Analysis of cosmogenic 10-Be and 26-Al show that granitic inselbergs sampled in both the Eyre Penninsula and north toward Darwin have very high nuclide concentrations and correspondingly low erosion rates on the order of decimeters to a few meters per million years.
Project Support
National Science Foundation NSF Sediment transport in large drainages EAR-9396261
Proposal Project Summary (download pdf)
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People Working on this Project
Paul Bierman
Marc Caffee
Christine Massey
Jill Turner
Publications Related to this Project

Bierman, P., and Turner, J., 1995, 10Be and 26Al evidence for exceptionally low rates of Australian bedrock erosion and the likely existence of pre-Pleistocene landscapes: Quaternary Research, v. 44, p. 378-382. (download pdf)
Abstracts Related to this Project

Bierman, P.R., and Caffee, M., 1994, Cosmogenic erosion rate estimates for granite landforms; Eyre Peninsula, South Australia: Geological Society of America, 1994 annual meeting Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America, v. 26, p. 256-257. (download pdf)

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