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Timothy Whalen

Tim's research while at UVM involved measuring the post-glacial isostatic rebound in northwestern Vermont. His field work consisted of surveying river terraces and their paleo-baselevels. During his undergraduate years at UC Santa Cruz, while learning about the geomorphology of California, Tim longed to return to his home state of Vermont and apply his knowledge of surface processes to the landscape.
MS Thesis (University of Vermont, 1998)
MS thesis Post-glacial fluvial terrace remnants as recorders of environmental and base level changes and of glacio-isostatic rebound in the Winooski drainage basin, Vermont
MS thesis (download pdf)
Undergraduate Degree
University of California, B.S. Earth Sciences, 1993
Vermont Alluvial Fans
Winooski River Terraces
Email Address
Current Position and Contact Information (2/2008)
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First-Authored, Meeting Abstracts Based on UVM Research

Whalen, T., and Bierman, P.R., 1996, River incision history in the Winooski drainage basin, Vermont: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 27, p. A-110. (download pdf)

Whalen, T.N., and Bierman, P.R., 1995, River terraces as recorders of isostatic rebound in the Champlain Basin, northwestern Vermont: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 27, p. A-57. (download pdf)
Junior-Authored, Refereed Publications Based on UVM Research

Bierman, P.R., Brown, S., Bryan, K., Lini, A., Nichols, K.K., Wright, S., Whalen, T., Zehfuss, P., and Davis, P.T., 2001, Post-glacial surface processes of northern New England, GSA Field Trip, Boston 2001. (download pdf)
Other Publications Based on UVM Research

Wright, S.F., Whalen, T.N., Zehfuss, P.H., and Bierman, P.R., 1997, Late Pleistocene-Holocene history: Huntington River and Miller Brook valleys, northern Vermont, New England Intercollegiate Geologic Conference Guidebook, Volume C4, p. 1-30. (download pdf)

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