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Susan Nies

Susan started working in the Geology Department, in the Perkins Building version of the Cosmogenic Nuclide Extraction Laboratory, in 1997. She was the first to work with new, fully exhausting microzone laminar flow hoods.
Undergraduate Degree
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Ancient Glacial Surfaces, Minnesota and Baffin Island
Oregon Coast Range Erosion Rates
Soil Profiles, Georgia and Australia
Deglaciation and Inheritance, Wisconsin
Extreme Erosion Rates - Venezuela and Alaska
Arroyo Chavez
Fish Springs Fans and Earthquakes
Rio Puerco Erosion Rates
Namibian Bedrock
Email Address
Current Position and Contact Information (3/2008)
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Meeting Abstracts Based on UVM Research

Bierman, P.R., Nies, S., Zehfuss, P., Burke, R., Gillespie, A., and Caffee, M., 1998, 10-Be and 26-Al age estimates for five tectonically offset fan surfaces, Owens Valley, CA: Geological Society of America, 1998 annual meeting Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America, v. 30, p. 141. (download pdf)

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